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6th Grade Technology
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Introduction to Technology - Part ICutting handle on bandsaw


Students in 6th grade will participate in technology education for 20 weeks (either from Sept. to Jan. or Jan. to June). Units of study include:

Computer Labs
Keyboarding - UltraKey Software

Computer Skills - File structure, Respectful use of school computers

Microsoft Office - Including MS Word, MS Excel, & MS PowerPoint

Library Literacy - Effective internet searches, Website evaluation, Periodical Databases,
Filing bucksaw handle
Production & Modular Technology Labs
Manufacturing Technology - Tool & Machine use & safety

Students will be designing a bucksaw handle on PC Draft in the modular lab and then
constructing the saw in the production lab.

Flight Technology Module
Students will be completing the flight technology module in the modular lab. Key elements of the flight module include:

  • The history and future of rocketry

  • The forces that affect rocket flight

  • The basic laws and effects of aerodynamics

  • The factors influencing rocket stability

  • Assembly and launch of a rocket

  • How to calculate angle of trajectory, altitude, and azimuth of a rocket 

Rocket Construction Rocket Launch