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8th Grade Technology
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Introduction to Technology - Part III



Introduction to Orthographic & Isometric Drawingsdrill press

Activities Include:

  • Review of orthographic & isometric drawings

  • Expansion of orthographic drawings - more precise and technical

  • Reading & interpreting orthographic & isometric drawings


Introduction to Autodesk Inventor


  • Creating of 3-Dimensional blocks drawn to scale

  • Catapult CAD drawing in Inventor - including orthographic & isometric plans

  • Focus on assembling & laying out parts in Inventor

  • Introduction to new Inventor tools & applications


Marble Mania Marble Mania

Marble mania is a Rube Goldberg device. Students must use their knowledge of simple machines & mechanical advantage to design a series of devices which will be set off using marbles as their power source. Each group's board will be connected to other boards to form a circle or a complete system. The overall goal is to have every board in the system perform on their own without the aid of human assistance.


 Technology Learning Modules

  • Integrated hands-on activities

  • Application of concepts learned in module

  • Enables collaborative work experience

  • Student directed learning