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Welcome to Technology Education With Mr. Corbett!

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This is going to be an exciting year! We are starting out in the production lab and then finishing up doing Inventor and Mods.




Current Assignments:

6th Grade:

Mr. Corbett's 6th grade class is now working in the production lab on their bucksaw. We are designing the handles in CAD, then transfer that to wood and carve out ergonomic handles for our saws.  Ask your child what stage they are in today!

7th  Grade:

We are covering levers and mechanical advantages first as we start the catapult unit.  We are going to transition to machine safety and creating out parts on the machines.  Assembling of the catapult will follow with testing and data collection.  Ask your child what stage we are currently working on!

8th  Grade:

We are learning all about simple machines and how they help make our lives easier.  Using information students research they are creating their Marble Mania boards!  There will be 7 devices that need to work together to move a marble through a variety of machines and trigger the next groups project.  Parts are created on the machine and assembled based on their plans.  Testing is key as no board works perfect the first time.  Problem solving and experimenting are required to get your board working great!

Students may stay after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to makeup or complete class work. They also may come in at 8am Mon-Thurs and come in during their access time as well.


Module Information:

The module is 10 "days" long and each group will have 7-8 block periods to complete the module. Each block period is 80 minutes giving students some extra time to complete the module.

Hands-on Activities:

Throughout the module there are several module related hands-on activities that students complete. The majority of the activities take place in the first six days of the module. Students need to keep track of the activities they work on by filling out their activity packets as they progress through the module. Any activities that have been missed or skipped by the students need to be made up during activity period, access, or in the morning before school. 

Critical Writing Assignments:

There is a critical writing assignment that is to be completed as homework by the time the students reach Day 5 of the mod. If they do not reach Day 5 by the time the critical writing is assigned they will need to come in during access or activity period to catch up so they can complete the critical writing by the due date