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Mr. Rudolph
Algebra 2 Course Outline

Unit 1- Functions and Relations

Day 1- Def. of a Relations, Function, 1-1, notations

Day 2- Domain, Range, Evaluating

Day 3- Domain Trouble Spots, Transformations

Day 4- Inverse Functions

Day 5 -Composition of fxns

Day 6- More Composition, Inverse Variation

Day 7- Linear Regression

Day 8- Review

Day 9- Test

Unit 2- Quadratic Functions

Day 1-Review Solving by Factoring, Completing the Square

Day 2- Solving cont., Graphing Quadratics

Day 3- Quadratic Formula

Day 4-Intro to complex Numbers

Day 5- operations with complex numbers

Day 6- Sum and product of roots

Day 7- Nature of the roots

Day 8- Higher Order Equations that result in quadratics

Day 9- Systems of equations and applications

Day 10- Test

Unit 3- Rational Expressions/Equations

Day 1- review factoring, simplifying expressions

Day 2- Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions

Day 3- Add and Subtract Rational Expressions

Day 4- Simplify Complex Fractions

Day 5 - Solving Fractional Equations

Day 6- Stations Practice(1/2 Block)

Day 7- Test

Unit 4-Radicals/Absolute Value Equations/Inequalities

Day 1- Inequalities

Day 2- Absolute value Equations/Inequalities

Day 3- Quadratic and Rational Inequalities

Day 4- Radical Review

Day 5 - Radical Equations

Day 6- Graphing Functions/Inequalities

Day 7- Review

Day 8- Test

Unit 5- Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Day 1- Properties of Exponents

Day 2- Negative Exponents

Day 3- Fractional Exponents

Day 4- Equations with Fractional Exponents

Day 5- Solving Exponential Equations with the same base

Day 6- Starting Logarithms

Day 7- Properties of Logarithms

Day 8- Solving Exponential Equations

Day 9- Graphing Logarithmic Functions

Day 10- Logarithmic Equations and Applications

Day 11, 12- Review, Test

Unit 6- Trigonometry

Day 1- Review of Trig, Def of angle, angle in standard position, coterminal angles

Day 2- Tangent, Which function is positive and where

Day 3- Quadrantal Angles, Special Angle Values

Day 4- Unit Circle and angle values

Day 5- Reference Angles

Day 6- Radians

Day 7- Arc Length, reciprocal trig functions

Day 8- Finding remaining trig values, cofunctions

Day 9- Pythagorean Identities

Day 10- Graphing sinx and cosx

Day 11-Frequency, period, and amplitude

Day 12- Name that curve, vertical shifts, phase shifts

Day 13-  Graphing tangent, reciprocal functions and equations

Day 14 -Inverse Trig

Day 15- Review, systems graphically


Unit 7- Trig Applications

Day 1- Law of Cosines

Day 2- Area of a Triangle

Day 3-  Law of Sines

Day 4-  Forces

Day 5- Pythagorean Identities

Day 6- Other Identities

Day 7- First Degree trig Equations

Day 8- Second Degree Trig Equations

Day 9 - Trig Equations with more than one functions

Unit 8- Probability and Statistics

Day 1- Basics, Binomial Probability

Day 2- At Least, At most

Day 3-  Sequences, Series

Day 4- Binomial Expansion

Day 5- Central Tendency

Day 6- Normal Curve