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Señorita Clegg
Spanish 3 Homepage

Spanish 3


FINAL EXAM SPEAKING DATES: May 30, May 21, June 1, June 4

FINAL EXAM PART 1: June 5, June 6

FINAL EXAM PART 2: June 7, June 8


Spanish 3 Final Vocab Packet Answer Key

Spanish 3 A to Z answer key

Preterit vs Imperfect Review

Preterit vs Imperfect Practice Quiz

Preterit vs Imperfect Practice Quiz Answer Key


Online practice games with vocab



Preterit Tense Summary


-ar, -er, -ir regular preterites
stem changing preterites
spell changing verbs (car gar zar i/y)
ar, er, ir verbs again

dar/hacer/ser/ir again
stem changing again
spelling change again
the j verbs like decir/producir
irregular stem verbs

irregular stem verbs quiz
regular verb choose
regular verbs congugate
regular verbs story
Preterite Jeopardy

Irregular Verbs
Review Challenge Board
Una visita a San Antonio



De Pequeño Jeopardy
Imperfect Battleship
Imperfect Drop Down
Imperfect Millionaire 1
Imperfect Millionaire 2
Imperfect Millionaire 3
Imperfect Fill In
Imperfect Hangman 1
Imperfect Hangman 2
Imperfect Jeopardy
Imperfect Tense Summary






**Spanish 3 students will no longer be allowed to hand in assignments late**


Class Communication

Clegg's Class Blog

3 Wishing Wall

Edmodo Group code: mfg0vf


Grammar Review Exercises

Study Links for all Units

Tense Reference Tables

Common Mistakes (GRRR table)

Extra Credit Assignments for Cleggeuros

  Cultural Events
May 11
May 18
  Current Unit of Study Help
Guide to Being Successful for 3s (important dates and assignment information)
Piratas del Caribe

El Viaje Perdido
Past Journal Entries

Entry  9/9: verano
Entry  9/13: libre
Entry  9/15: “ojos rojos”
Entry  9/19: mi animal favorito
Entry 9/21: write your own “where I’m from” bilingual poem
Entry 9/23: hambre
Entry 9/27: corazón
Entry 9/30: las fantasmas (ghosts)

Entry 10/4: coraje

Entry  10/6: ¿
Que te gusta comer en el otoño? ¿El invierno? ¿La primavera? ¿El verano?
Entry 10/11: Estoy contento/a cuando…

Entry 10/13: ¿Por qué es importante aprender otro idioma (Language)?

Entry 10/17: La familia

Entry 10/19: Confianza (trust)
Entry: 10/21: La responsibilidad
Entry 10/31: Cuando tengo 25 años, voy a …


Entry 11/2: Un cuento interesante de mi vida es…
Entry 11/7: Pienso que en la escuela debemos…
Entry 11/9: Tengo miedo de …
Entry 11/16: No hay nada mejor que…
Entry 11/29: Me pongo rojo cuando…
Entry 12/1: ¡No hay diario! Journal Collection!

Entry 12/5: Para mi, la felicidad es…
Entry 12/7: Creo que el invierno es…
Entry 12/9: Estoy motivado/a por…
Entry 12/13: Escribe un cuento: Mi hermano es una dragón.
Entry 12/15: Me divertí cuando…
Entry 12/19: Mentir
Entry 12/21: No puedo esperar…
Entry 12/23: Compro un regalo…

Entry 3/4: Durantes mi vacaciones
Entry 9/10: Cuando era joven…
Entry 11/12: De niñ@, siempre…

Entry 1/19: Journal Collection!!
Project writing

Entry 2/6: Escribe un poema con 10 palabras de vocabulario
Entry 2/8: Continua con el cuento: Había una vez un príncipe consentido…
Entry 2/10: Escribe un cuento o un poema con las tres personajes: un duende, una bruja, y un monstruo
Entry 2/14: Escribe un cuentito con el titulo: “El volcán y el duende”
Entry 2/16: Escribe un cuento en que tu eres el personaje principal
Entry 2/28: Write 5 sentences in English that use the preterit and 5 sentences that would use the imperfect.

Entry 3/5: Pretend that you have to teach someone when to use the preterit tense and when to use the imperfect tense in Spanish. Explain this to them. You may use any chart or representation you find helpful.
Entry 3/9: Escribe un cuento en 10 frases en ingles. (5 ejemplos de pretérito y 5 ejemplos de imperfecto). Tienen que incluir 15 palabras del vocabulario.
3/13: Escribe un cuento en que eres el personaje principal.
Usa a lo menos 5 verbos en el imperfecto y 5 verbos en el pretérito.
3/19: Escribe un cuento con el título “La bruja hermosa” o “La batalla larga”
3/20: JOURNAL COLLECTION, no entry
3/26: Write a short summary in Spanish about the story you wrote.
Entry 27/28: Talk about last week in Spanish using the preterit and imperfect.
Entry 3/30: Describe your first memory (keep in mind preterit/imperfect)

Entry 4/4: In Spanish, Imagine that you are in kindergarten. Describe what your last school day was like.
Entry 4/17: In Spanish, write about 3 of your classmates’ stories that you liked and why.
Entry 4/19: En la ciudad dónde yo vivo hay…
Entry 4/23: En la ciudad de Nueva York…
Entry 4/25: You are talking to your pen pal from Chile. They want to know what cities are like in the United States. Describe what a city in the U.S. looks like, and what you can do there.
Entry 4/27:Give directions in Spanish from your house to the nearest grocery store (mercado)

Entry 5/1: Your friend is giving you a ride home from school and they don’t know how to get to your house from here. Give them directions.
Entry 5/3: In Spanish, compare what you know about modern cities to what you now know about ancient civilizations
Entry 5/7: no journal
Entry 5/9: La Primavera
Entry 5/11: In English, write about concerns you have about the final. What parts are you most worried about?