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October 26, 2016
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SeƱorita Clegg
Cleggeuros: A System of Extra Credit & Corrections
Earning Cleggeuros   Spending Cleggeuros


5th Extra Help Session OR making an appointment during study hall


Having five assignments in a row completed on time


Scoring Higher on a Quiz than the previous Quiz


Extra Credit Opportunities

(online or given in class)



1 Bonus Point into points earned

(max of 10 points per quarter)


Correct a Class Prep assignment


Ability to do Quiz Corrections for 1/2 Credit Back


Ability to do Quiz Corrections for Full Credit Back


Ability to Drop 1 Grade per quarter

By corrections I mean: find the correct answer and THEN translate the Spanish sentence to ENGLISH! For MC/TF, you must locate the answer in the reading and also translate. For writing, add to it and put it in the CUPS. If this is not done, it is not a correction!
Hints for Spanish Corrections