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Enrichment is a term used to describe extensions of curriculum both within and outside of the classroom. Through enrichment activities, the Guilderland Central School District strives to provide interesting and meaningful experiences to strengthen and expand opportunities to sharpen academic skills, such as research, creative problem solving and cooperative thinking.

Enrichment takes a variety of forms. Activities occur regularly in our classrooms. The district’s enrichment philosophy has contributed in large measure to our educational program which is based on differentiating instruction for every child. For example, the language arts program emphasizes choice, independent reading, and writing based on personal meaning and discussion. Teachers confer with students to advance each child’s thinking, comprehension, and writing. The math program presents concepts in such away as to allow several levels of understanding; each lesson provides opportunities for enrichment. In this way, students continually benefit from individual enrichment; they are not tied to a curriculum in which they must do exactly what every other student does.

Another element of our enrichment program is small group pull-out classes which are generally taught by the enrichment teacher and/or assistant teacher. Topics for pull-outclasses are often suggested by classroom teachers based on student interest and enthusiasm about a topic. Pull-out classes usually meet weekly for a half-hour period over 4-6 weeks; some programs may run longer.

Enrichment classes can also take place after school. Independent study can also be a feature of enrichment. This option allows motivated individual students to explore a particular area of interest. Independent work may be done with guidance and support from the classroom teacher and/or enrichment teacher.

Meeting the needs of each individual student has always been a goal of the Guilderland Central Schools.

Our efforts to provide exciting and innovative enrichment programs are guided by the beliefs that: 

The daily classroom will provide challenges and opportunities for enrichment for all students.

Students may demonstrate the potential for giftedness under a variety of conditions and that flexible programming supports this concept.

Programs and opportunities for enrichment beyond the classroom environment will emerge both from the regular curriculum, as well as the expressed interests of students.


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