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July 05, 2015

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Guilderland Music Parents & Friends Association (GMPFA)

Guilderland Music Parents & Friends Association
A tax exempt, nonprofit (501c3) sponsor group open to all parents and friends of music

The Guilderland Music Parents and Friends Association mission:
• To promote and encourage a lifelong interest in music.
• To advocate for music education in our school community and to support the music program at all levels.
• To help raise revenues to promote musical activities and opportunities for all students in Guilderland schools.
• To provide the opportunity for the Guilderland community to share the benefits of students’ efforts.
• To recognize, encourage, and reward ability and achievement through the award of scholarships.


Enrichment at all levels


Fund special assembly programs for each school such as The Lake George Opera Company, Jack Zucchini, Home Spun Dancers, Bach to Beatles, Holly Cameron, Lee Shaw, Nick Page, Ithacapella

Host the annual 5th Grade Band/Orchestra Celebration

Provide financial assistance for elementary events

Fund incentives for beginning musicians

Middle/High School

Registration fees for all participants of the annual music festivals

Fees for clinicians

Financial assistance for participants to: All State Conference, All Eastern Conference, NYSBDA, ACDA

Student scholarships Visit the Music Scholarships Page

Awards (Pins, Plaques, Senior Flowers, Medals and Certificates)

Music Enrichment Programs

Host the annual Cabaret and POPS concert

Hospitality for Enrichment and Visiting Performing Groups

Student incentive Program



We need your support - Join Us Today! To become a member, download and return a completed GMPFA membership form to Guilderland Music Parents & Friends Assn. PO Box 147, Guilderland NY, 12084

2014-15 Membership Form &  Brochure - PDF


¯Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - FMS Aux. Conference Room. 7PM
¯Wednesday, November 12, 2014
¯Monday, December 1, 2014 - POPS January 8, 2014
¯Monday, January 12, 2015
¯Wednesday, March 18, 2015
¯Thursday, May 7, 2015

For additional information email Or contact your child’s music teacher.