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Building Capacity Study

Seeking community volunteers
Investigating Alternative Uses of Space: Repurposing Task Force


The Guilderland Central School District Board of Education is seeking community volunteers to serve on a new task force, "Investigating Alternative Uses of Space: Repurposing Task Force." The purpose of the task force will be to review and investigate a variety of options for repurposing excess space in one or more buildings in the Guilderland Central School District. The task force will consider issues such as the need, viability, logistics, and potential for generating revenue for potential alternative uses for excess space within the district.

Individuals representing a variety of stakeholder groups and attendance zones will be selected for the task force by the Board of Education. Once appointed, task force members will be expected to attend 6-8 meetings. Meeting dates and times will be determined as best as possible, based on the convenience of those individuals selected. At the conclusion of its work, the task force, or sub-groups within the task force, will present their findings and recommendations to the Superintendent of Schools and the full Board of Education for consideration.

Roles and responsibilities of task force members
All district residents are invited to apply to be on the Repurposing Task Force. No prior experience is required. Members of the task force, once appointed by the Board of Education, will be expected to:

Attend approximately 6 – 8 meetings (full task force and/or sub-task force group)
o Meeting dates and times to be determined by the task force, based as best as possible on the convenience of those individuals selected

Actively participate in the review and research of various repurposing options including:
o Engage in work between meetings of the task force group(s)
o Participate in visitations to neighboring district/alternative sites who may have already implemented similar options

Be active listeners and respectful contributors to discussions

Commit to exploring solutions that are in the best interest of the entire school district, over the long term


Individuals interested in serving on the Repurposing Task Force should submit an application no later than January 30, 2015, by completing the form below. Printed copies of this form are also available at the District Office.

The Board of Education will review all applications and appoint members of the task force at its regular meeting on February 24, 2015.


For assistance with the online application, please contact the GCSD Office of Communications at (518) 456-6200, ext. 3115.

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