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Building Project Referendum news & information

Meet the Facilities Committee

At its meeting on January 8, 2013, the Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution to establish a Facilities Committee for the purpose of presenting to the Board a facilities plan with an emphasis on the infrastructure needs of the seven school buildings, instructional technology, and health, safety and security. Membership on the Facilities Committee was solicited by the superintendent in a letter, dated January 18, 2013, which was sent to various employee and constituent groups. A notice was also posted to the district website to solicit community volunteers with backgrounds in facilities and/or construction.

The composition of the committee formed is as follows:

Beth Bini, Principal, Westmere Elementary School

Jennifer Charron, Board of Education

Richard DeGonza, Maintenance Mechanic

Terri “Charlie” Gifford, Guilderland Teachers Association Representative

Gary Gnirrep, Guilderland Teachers Association Representative

Holly Kernozek, Guilderland Office Workers Association Representative

Thomas Lutsic, High School Principal

Clifford Nooney, Director of Physical Plant Management

Joseph Reilly, Director of Technology

Thomas Robert, Community Representative

JoAnn Romano, Guilderland Teachers Association Representative

Jonathan Rosenblum, Community Representative

Keri Rosher, Administrative Intern

Neil Sanders, Assistant Superintendent for Business

Allan Simpson, Board of Education

Judy Slack, Board of Education

Stacy Stern, Community Representative

Marie Wiles, Superintendent of Schools


In addition, the architectural and engineering firm of CSArch, P.C. worked closely with the Facilities Committee throughout the process. Daniel Woodside, AIA as the managing principal, Melissa Renkawitz and Michael Andrews as project architects, and Doug Giardano as project engineer attended the planning sessions and were responsible for individual on-site inspections at each school in the district as well as the maintenance and transportation facilities. Throughout Facilities Committee discussions, their role was to assist and guide the  committee in planning the scope of the proposed project which would eventually be presented to the Board of Education for further review.

Other members of the design team include:

Engineered Solutions

Technology Consultant

Food Service Design Solutions

Kitchen Equipment Consultant