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Building Project Referendum news & information

A historical perspective of K-12 buildings and past district referendums

Guilderland Central School District is comprised of five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The table below provides data about each of the buildings including the year of construction, size and enrollment at the time of the Facilities Committee work:

School Year Opened Square Footage Enrollment 2012-13
Altamont Elementary 1953 51,000 294
Guilderland Elementary 1955 78,000 548
Lynnwood Elementary 1966 61,000  402
Pine Bush Elementary 1994 74,000 430
Westmere Elementary 1953 82,000 414
Farnsworth Middle School 1970 250,000 1156
Guilderland High School 1954 340,000 1680


In addition and by way of providing further details, the following table lists the general scope of work performed in district buildings since 1980 and the amounts approved by district voters as part of a referendum:

Referendum Date Schools Impacted Amount Description
February 1982 All schools $1,660,900 Energy conservation, doors, windows, fire alarms, roof and boiler repairs
May 1984 Altamont, Westmere, Guilderland $1,260,000 Asbestos removal, upgrade boilers, roof repairs, heat and smoke detectors
March 1989 Altamont, Westmere, Lynnwood, Guilderland $8,196,000 Additions and limited renovations
March 1993 Pine Bush Elementary $8,200,000  New construction
June 1995 Lynnwood $1,204,202 Convert heating system to natural gas, new boiler and window replacements
December 1995  High School $23,700,000 Renovations and expansion of high school
March 2000 New Transportation Bldg. and High School $7,682,500 Land purchase, new bus garage; minor upgrades at Guilderland High School plus athletic fields
October 2001 Middle School $19,754,000  Major renovations and expansion
October 2007 Altamont, Guilderland, Lynnwood, Pine Bush, Westmere
and High School
$26,970,000 Renovations at all Elementary School buildings, technology infrastructure and program improvements as well as safety and security upgrades at all buildings, relocation of the district offices to Guilderland High School and the construction of additional classroom space at the High School