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Budget news & information

Budget News In the News

Click on the links below, from various local and state-wide news sources, to learn more about the many factors affecting the 2013-14 Guilderland Central School District budget.

May 2013

Times Union, May 18, 2013
School budgets reflect 'never-ending' cycle

NY Times, May 9, 2013
Money cuts both ways in education


March 2013

Times Union, March 28, 2013
School aid boost to save some jobs

NY Times Education, March 14, 2013
New York’s education deficit

Times Union, March 11, 2013
Too tough an equation?


February 2013

Times Union, Feb. 20, 2013
Capital Region reps want more school funding

Times Union, Feb. 20, 2013
Teachers union to sue over tax cap

Times Union, Feb. 20, 2013
New York schools lose out on $33M

Times Union, Feb. 14, 2013
Rate rise new worry

Times Union, Feb. 12, 2013
Schools teeter on edge of cliff

Times Union, Feb. 1, 2013
Schools raise uproar for help


January 2013

Times Union, Jan. 29, 2013
Education chief wants more aid

The Buffalo News, Jan. 26, 2013
Reasons vary for changes in school aid

Times Union, Jan. 24, 2013
Cuomo budget cuts aid to some local school districts

Times Union, Jan. 13, 2013
High cost of closing a gap

Times Union, Jan. 3, 2013
Cuomo touts school changes

Times Union, Jan. 2, 2013
Unifying school districts on reforms list


December 2012

Times Union, Dec. 11, 2012
Study: Poor schools still lack basic resources

Times Union, Dec. 11, 2012
Education budgets face 'cliff' risk

Times Union, Dec. 6, 2012
School districts lament: No leeway left


November 2012

Times Union, Nov. 21, 2012
School leaders fear insolvency

Times Union, Nov. 6, 2012
Regents consider increasing mergers


September 2012

Times Herald-Record, Sept. 17, 2012
School districts hit by avalanche of mandates

Post Star, Sept. 14, 2012
Schools still groaning under burden of pension costs

Times Union, Sept. 1, 2012
Big tab, mixed results



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