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Community fundraising for athletics

July 22, 2013—Without a doubt, schools across New York state are facing some of the most challenging fiscal times in recent memory. Rising costs, declining revenues, and a general downturn in the economy have made building a sound spending plan that not only meets the needs of our students, but that also meets the needs and expectations of our taxpayers, more difficult than ever.

As such, the Guilderland Central School District had to make many difficult decisions in preparing the 2013-2014 school budget that was approved by voters on May 21. Reductions were made in staffing, programs and services throughout all district buildings and within each educational level. In addition, the budget also maintained the district's established partial funding levels for freshman sports.

As approved by district residents, GCSD will fund approximately half of the cost of freshman football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball in the upcoming school year. However, the sports will only be played pending the availability of the remaining half of the funds, to be raised through community fundraising efforts. Due to low projected participation trends at Guilderland, freshman girls basketball--eliminated during the previous school year--has not been restored.

The Guilderland Central School District supports community efforts to raise funds to reinstate any and all sports programs. Legally, for a sport to be reinstated, the entire cost of the program must be donated to the school district prior to the start of the season. Please refer to the chart below for the sports and levels requiring community funding, the date by which all funds must be raised, and the total amount of funds needed.


Donations to the Guilderland Central School District will be accepted with the goal of reinstating sports programs. However, it is the expectation of the school district that donations be solicited by the various booster clubs and youth sports programs.

Although the school district is appreciative of each and every donation, it is important to note that the receipt of a donation or the size of a donation does not guarantee that any particular child will make the team or ensure a prescribed level of playing time.

The Guilderland Central School District values the continued support of the community during these difficult economic times and appreciates the efforts by the community to raise funds to provide further athletic opportunities for our students. To make a donation, please contact the president of the booster club or youth sports organization to which you wish to contribute.