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Counseling Department

Mission Statement:

The FMS Counseling Department recognizes the importance of each child's academic, social and emotional needs as related to the development stages of student growth. In partnership with our students, staff, families, and community, we will empower students to become effective learners, achieve success in school, and develop into contributing members of our diverse society.

General information

What is a school counselor?

A school counselor is a trained professional who works as part of your child's team. School counselors work in partnership with students, teachers, parents, and the community to help your child to have a successful and positive school experience.

As each child's needs are different, some students will have little contact with a school counselor. Other students may have special challenges in their lives, which require that he/she have more contact with his/her school counselor. Essentially, a school counselor is someone who is there to help students to sort out issues that seem complicated to them.

How can a school counselor help?

School counselors understand that each child is different. Some students just need someone to listen to their concerns, whereas others may need help in developing sound problem solving and decision making skills. Whatever the concern, the school counselor is there to listen to your child and to help your child to feel safe and comfortable within the middle school.

Sometimes parents need support and guidance as well. School counselors are also trained to work with parents. Your child's school counselor is a good resource person for you, as a parent or guardian.

How do I contact my child's school counselor?

Each middle school team is assigned a school counselor to work with during the year. You may contact a school counselor by calling the middle school (456-6010) where you can direct your call to your child's house office or leave a voice mail message with your child's school counselor. You may also email your child's counselor. Appointments can be made directly with the school counselor.