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Algebra I Common Core Bridge program Instructions for parents

June 16, 2017Happy Summer!

Parents often have a number of questions on how to successfully start their student’s online experience. This letter is to help you as a family support your students in completing the Algebra I Common Core Bridge program successfully. Please know the program is available on the FMS website as of June 19.

We have found that there are few helpful hints we can give you to improve your experience.

The videos and guided notes can be located on the FMS web page. The links are listed below to help you find the videos and print off the guided note page. Remember to scroll down the page to see the video links!
        arrow bulletThe link for the FMS web page is: Summer Bridge 2017
The guided note page is the same for each video and serves as a guideline to organize student’s thoughts and ideas.
        arrow bulletThe link for the guided notes is: Guided Note page
Students can begin their assessments/tasks in Castle Learning as they progress through their videos. The link to the login page for Castle Learning is: Castle Learning
Your student’s user ID is gsd.##### (gsd.your school ID). If your student ID is less than 5 digits you must lead with it with zeros.

Many students use Castle Learning with their 7th grade teachers. If so, they may use their passwords from their 7th Grade year.

If your student’s passwords are not set then they can follow the following instructions to set their passwords:
    arrow bullet Students will be prompted to set a password the first time that they sign into Castle Learning Online.
    arrow bulletGo to and where it says "Sign into Castle Learning Online, type in the ID at the prompt.
    arrow bulletSkip the password field.
    arrow bulletClick the sign-in button.
    arrow bulletFollow the steps to choose a password.
    arrow bulletPlease encourage students to sign in and set a password as soon as possible in order to protect their accounts.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Happy Studying!
Beverly Bisnett-Jenks
Math, Science and Technology Instructional Administrator