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Important information regarding AIS Math

September 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Before our new year even begins, the faculty and staff at Farnsworth Middle School and our elementary schools begin identifying, planning for, and scheduling students for additional math supports in the form of Academic Intervention Services (AIS). The purpose of this letter is to provide you with an understanding of what AIS Math is and how it is implemented for our middle school students.

AIS Math is mandated by the New York State Department of Education specifically for students who have not demonstrated grade level proficiency. Students who score at a performance level of a mid-level 2 or lower on the NYS math assessment must be considered for interventions. In addition to this assessment, we also review and consider the following:

Teacher recommendations
End of Year benchmark assessments from the previous year
iReady diagnostic data
Quarterly grades

AIS Math instruction is designed to address individual student weaknesses in mathematics. Our goals as teachers are to identify and strengthen these weaknesses to help students be successful in their core math classroom and to remediate any instructional gaps that may exist.

Academic interventions in math can be provided for students in three ways. They include pull out sessions scheduled with an AIS Math teacher, push-in services, and monitor status:

Pull-out Services: This is scheduled for students most often during Access. Students work in small groups with an AIS Math teacher for 40 minutes every other day and instruction focuses on very specific interventions. This is the most intensive form of interventions offered at FMS and will be listed on a student’s schedule.
Push-in Services: Students who demonstrate that they need a less intense form of service or whose schedule may not allow for a pull-out class are provided with additional support from an AIS Math teacher during their core math class. The AIS Math teacher often co-teaches, assists students as needed, and/or provides small group instruction when appropriate in the classroom. All students benefit from this form of intervention. For students receiving push-in services, AIS Math will not show on their schedules.
Monitor: Monitor status is designated for those students who have few or limited gaps but may still need some intervention services. Students are assigned to their classroom teacher who will provide additional support as needed. The classroom teacher will monitor their progress, provide additional support during Tutorial, or may provide additional practice to improve fluencies. AIS Math will not show on a student’s schedule that has been identified as monitor status.

At any time during the school year a student can be referred for AIS Math by their counselor and/or classroom teacher. The AIS Math team reviews students’ progress throughout the year, collaborates with our math teachers, and discusses what students need. If you have questions about the level of service your child is receiving you may contact his or her classroom teacher or any member of the AIS Math team.

It is the primary goal of the AIS team to meet the individual math needs of our students and to transition them to the High School so that they will be successful in Algebra I. The AIS team is excited to meet and work with your child(ren). If at any time you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any member of the team.

This year’s FMS AIS Math team is:

Ashley Girard | Grade 6-8 AIS Math teacher

Amanda Symons |
Grades 6 -8 AIS Math teacher

Rebecca Been | Grade 6 & 7 AIS Math and Grade 7 teacher

Nermin Mansour | Grade 6 AIS Math and Grade 6 Technology teacher

Beverly Bisnett-Jenks Instructional Administrator for Math, Science and Tech

Best Wishes for a successful 2017/2018 School Year!


Beverly Bisnett-Jenks
518-456-6010 ext. 3089