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August 22, 2014

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Staff listing

Below is a listing of Farnsworth Middle School staff for the 2013-14 school year.

View the 2013-14 team assignments by grade and house (PDF)

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LAST FIRST CLASS / TEAM E-mail address
Abbasi Melissa Teacher - Math/Science
Abbruzzese Donna Teacher - Science
Albright Elizabeth Teacher - Sp. Ed.
Andres Barbara Special Ed. Secretary
Aspin Keir Teacher - SS
Aube William House Principal
Austin Michelle Aide  
Baker Dawn Teaching Assistant  
Ball Dennis Teacher - Tech
Ball Matthew Teacher - ELA/SS
Banovic Mark Teacher - SS
Barrett Patricia Teaching Assistant  
Bartlett Anna Counselor
Bass Isabel Food Service  
Baugh Corina Teacher - French
Beattie Patricia Aide  
Belfance Laurie Teaching Assistant  
Bierman Jill Teaching Assistant  
Bisnett-Jenks Beverly Supervisor - Math/Science/Tech
Bonaquist Patricia Teacher - Math
Bouteiller Nancy House Secretary
Brew Martha Teaching Assistant  
Broderick Melissa Teacher - French/German
Brumer Nancy Teacher - ELA/SS
Bryer Heather Teacher - ELA
Buchanan Kate Teaching Assistant  
Buckley Kimberly Teacher - PE
Bufalini Suzanne Teacher - Reading
Cacckello Frank Teacher - PE
Cahill Charlie (Terri) Teacher - SS
Caligure Tara Teacher - Sp. Ed.
Camposeo-Iaia Piera Teacher - French/Italian
Carnavos Judith Teacher - AIS Math
Carras Kristina Food Service  
Casasola Rita Teacher - Spanish
Cascini Vickie Teaching Assistant  
Casellini Nancy Teacher - Music
Cerutti Nancy Aide  
ClumDolan Nancy Teacher - ELA/SS
Codden Susan House Secretary
Coelho Carlos Monitor  
Comley Eileen Inst. Admin. Secretary
Coons Cindy Teacher - French
Cozza Loretta Supervisor - Special Ed.
Crisafulli Michele Teacher - Sp. Ed.
Crosby David Custodian  
Crowther Dan Computer Tech
Curro Martin Teacher - Health
Curro Susan Teacher - Music
Dame Kristy Teacher - Music
David Elizabeth Custodian  
Day Betty Nurse  
DeCotes Maynel Teaching Assistant  
deFrancqueville Shannon Teacher - Music
DeLaBruere Jennifer Teacher - Sp. Ed.
Dicker Mary Jeanne Librarian
DiMura Stacy Teacher - Tech
Dixon Allison Teacher - Sp. Ed.
Donovan Carol Teacher - DHH
Dubose Kay Teacher - FACS
Dubose, Jr. Maceo Counselor/GTA President
Duesler Matt (David) Teacher - SS
Dugan Jill Teacher - Spanish
Dumar Roy Supervisor - LA/SS/Reading
Edwards Shauna Teaching Assistant  
Elario Sheila Supervisor - Art
Ellerbrock Michael Psychologist
Escobar Deborah Teacher - Enrichment
Fanning Molly Teacher - ELA
Feller Susan Teacher - Art
Ficarra Jennifer Teacher - PE
Fiederlein Janet Teaching Assistant  
Fiero Alan Teacher - Science
Flynn Robert Teacher - ELA/SS
Ford Jennifer Teacher - Science
Foster Stephanie Teacher - ELA
Freeman Keith Teacher - Tech
Futia Cheryl Teaching Assistant  
Giglio Katie Speech Therapist
Googas Mary Pat Teaching Assistant  
Gorka Frances Teacher - Spanish
Green Deb Teaching Assistant  
Hadden Stephen Special Ed. Administrator
Hanson Todd Teacher - Math
Heigel Danielle Counselor/IST Chair
Hempstead Amy Food Service  
Hershenhart Lori Supervisor - Music
Hoffman Karla Teaching Assistant  
Horton Judith Food Service  
Huestis Christine Teacher - LW
Hunt Linda Teaching Assistant  
Hyland Kimberly Teacher - Math/Science
Ipek Perihan Food Service  
Jackson Greg Custodian  
Johnson Matthew Custodian  
Johnson Regan Supervisor - Athletics, Health
Kapusinsky Kyle Teacher - Science
Karam Beth Nurse  
Karins Jennifer Teacher - Spanish
Kavanaugh Michael Teacher - ELA
Kelley Lorie Social Worker
Kelly Carol Teacher - Science
Kern Kimberly Teaching Assistant  
Knight Coleen Teaching Assistant  
Lane Mark Social Worker
Lasselle Richard Teacher - Science
Laster Michael Building Principal
LaTorre Christine Food Service  
Lee Deshanna Building Principal Secretary
Lehman Lisa Librarian
Libertucci Mary Ann Teacher - Sp. Ed.
Lima Lou-Ann Teaching Assistant  
Linders Stephanie Teacher - ESL
Loughrey Sally CSE Chair
MacDonald Roderick Teacher - Tech
MacEntee Maria Teacher - FACS
Maes Matthew Teacher - Sp. Ed.
Maier Stacy Teacher - Math/Science
Mak Carwin Food Service  
Marciniak John Custodian Supervisor  
Margosian Jennifer Teacher - Math/Science
Martin Brigid Teacher - Reading
Martucci Barb Teaching Assistant  
Matthews Katie Teacher - Math
McClaine Brenda Teacher - AIS Math
McClure Lisa Teacher - Reading
McConaghy Sean Teacher - PE
McGreevy Thomas Teacher - Tech
McLachlan Bryan Monitor  
McPherson Kylie Teacher - SS
Mewhorter Terri Teacher - Music
Mineau Emily Teacher - ELA/SS
Mule Susan Teaching Assistant  
Mullins Jamie Teacher - Reading
Murphy Deb Teaching Assistant  
Nall Charles "Chuck"  Custodian  
Neet Shirley Guidance Secretary
Nelson Mary Teaching Assistant  
Nichols Maura TV Production Asst.
Norman Starr Teacher - Music
Northrup Maureen  Teacher - Sp. Ed.
O'Connor Ann Marie Teaching Assistant  
O'Mahony Shannon Teacher - Art
Osterhoudt Lisa Teacher - Spanish
Pafunda Audrey Teaching Assistant  
Parekh Kirtida Teaching Assistant  
Perrino Joanne Teaching Assistant  
Phillips Charles Teacher - Math
Piasecki Krista Teaching Assistant  
Piculell Sandee Special Ed. Secretary
Pipa Michael House Principal
Plue Mark Custodian  
Pokal Maureen Counselor
Porter Pamela Teaching Assistant  
Rafferty Lori Teacher - Health
Ranieri Marcia Supervisor - WL&C
Rausch Andrea Teacher - Spanish
Rausch Daniel Teacher - LW
Riccobono Yvonne Food Service  
Rivenburgh Holly Teaching Assistant  
Robert Zwack, Sr. Custodian  
Rogotzke Korey Teacher - Math/Science
Romano Michelle Teacher - Art
Rothchild Susan Speech Therapist
Ruecker Casey (Kathleen) Teacher - SS
Russo Linda Library Secretary
Ryan Colleen Teacher - Sp. Ed.
Ryan Patricia Teacher - Math
Sandberg Lea Food Service  
Schewe William Teacher - PE
Scott Marcia Food Service  
Sickler Laurie Aide  
Sittig Colleen Teacher - SS
Slingerland Jane Teacher - ELA/SS
Smith Mary Pat Receptionist
Snyder Jamie Computer Tech
Sousa Shirley Copy Room Operator
Spawn Patricia Aide  
Spiro Kimberly Teaching Assistant  
Spring Patrice Teacher - Math/Science
St. Louis Deb Teaching Assistant  
Stedge Sandra Teacher - Reading
Stone Claudia Teacher - ELA
Toscano Mary Aide  
Tuxbury Larry Teacher - ELA
Utter Jason Teacher - Music
Vacek Maureen Aide  
Vangelis Caley Teacher - Math
Vincent Tim Custodian  
Wardle Elizabeth Teacher - Sp. Ed.
Watson Lisa Teacher - Math/Science
Wells Diane Teaching Assistant  
Whittet DeeAnn Social Worker
Winchester Joseph Teacher - Science
Wlazlo Rebecca Teacher - ELA/SS
Wolf Stephen Teacher - Sp. Ed.
Woodley Shannon Teacher - Music
Yagielski Susan Teacher - Math
Young Mickey (Migdalia) Teacher - ELA
Zakrzewski Diane Teaching Assistant  
Zielinski Judith Music & Athletics Secretary
Zigrosser Bridget Teaching Assistant  
Zimmerman Kathleen Teacher - FACS/Health
Ziomek Alexis Teacher - Music