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Team and teacher Web pages

To visit an individual teacher or departmental web page, click on the links below.

Parents and students: if there are any questions about the information located on the linked pages please notify the teacher or team of teachers directly.



Sixth Grade Teams

Hiawatha 6A
Mrs. Clum Dolan & Mrs. Margosian

Hiawatha 6B
Ms. Mineau & Mr. Rogotzke 

Mohawk 6C
Ms. Mayo & Ms. Flanagan

Mohawk 6D
Mr. Flynn &  Mrs. Abbasi

Tawasentha 6E
Ms. Mineau  & Ms. Munger

Seneca 6F
Mrs. Miller, Mr. Ball & Mr. Rausch

Seneca 6H
Mrs. Brumer & Ms. Spring

Seventh Grade Teams

Hiawatha 7A
Dr. Fiero, Ms. Fanning, Ms. Sarrafizadeh, Mrs. Sittig
The Hiawatha 7A team will no longer be using their Google website. Instead, the team is transitioning over to Google Classroom. Students will need to log in to their Google account to view content. Please contact any member of the team for more information.

Mohawk 7B
Ms. Foster, Mr. Phillips, Ms. Ruecker, Mrs.Tagliaferro, Mr. Winchester,

Tawasentha 7C
Mrs. DuBois, Ms. Frisbee Mrs. Mullins & Mrs. Pachucki

Seneca 7D
Ms. Bryer, Mr. Duesler, Ms. Hanna, Mrs. Ryan
The Seneca 7D team currently has a Web site via Blackboard. You must have a username and a password to access the site. If you do not know the username/password, please contact your child's teacher.

Eighth grade teams

Hiawatha 8A
Mr. Hanson, Ms. McPherson, Ms. Miracle, Ms. Stone

Mohawk 8B
Ms. Blanchard, Mr. Aspin, Ms. Yagielski, Ms. Young

Seneca 8C
Mr. Banovic, Mrs. Ford, Mr. Tuxbury, Ms. Vangelis

Seneca 8D
Mrs. Dubois, Ms. Frisbee, Mrs. Mullins

Tawasentha 8C
Mrs. Cahill, Mr. Wolf

Music Department

Visit the middle school music department web page


Visit Mrs. Ficarra's web page

Physical Therapy Department

Visit the district's physical therapy department web page


Visit the middle school's technology department web page

Individual teacher pages


Miss Asher
Students in Miss Asher's classes also have the opportunity to view and submit work via Blackboard. Please visit Miss Asher's Web site for more information.

Mrs. Baugh

Mrs. Bartlett

Mrs. Cahill

Mrs. Dubois

Mrs. Dugan
    Students in grade 6 Spanish
    Students in grade 7 Spanish
    Students in grade 8 Spanish

Ms. Hanna

Ms. Karins
Students in Ms. Karins' Spanish classes have the opportunity to view and submit work via Blackboard. Blackboard is a database maintained by Northeastern Regional Information Center (NERIC). You must have a username and a password to access the site.

Ms. Matthews: Algebra & Math 8

Mrs. Mullins

Miss Nussbaum

•  Mrs.Tagliaferro

Mrs. Wheeler: Algebra & Math 8

Mr. Wolf

Mrs. Yagielski: Algebra & Math 8