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GES students help pets in need

May 18, 2017Over 25 elementary students listened with rapt attention for over an hour. How? With a puppy!

Last month, Christina Francis of Help Orphan Puppies, and a canine representative of the organization, Dani, came to GES to meet with members of the student council to talk about dog rescue and how to help animals in need. The topic of helping animals is nothing new to this group of students, who helped the organization by participating in their annual homeless pet food drive earlier this year.

Students posed questions to Francis about pet ownership and of course, about Dani. Dani, a Labrador Retriever, is an abuse case and has several injuries, including multiple jaw fractures as well as a fracture to one of the bones in her left ear that assists with hearing. Dani has had surgery to help repair these injuries and will require a few more procedures. Francis assured the students, "Don't feel bad [for her], despite all that she has been through, Dani is simply the happiest puppy there is!" Dani's face...and tail showed just how happy she was, as she was fawned over by the students.

The organization's major summer fundraiser will be held on July 30 in Guilderland. Learn more about Help Orphan Puppies Inc.

GES Student Council gathers around dani the rescue dog

Dog lovers unite!
Members of the GES Student Council gather around Dani the rescue dog, and Help Orphan Puppies representative, Christina Francis.