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GHS E=mc2 students attend STEAM Exposition to showcase research The group, together at the STEAM Expo

May 23, 2017—On Saturday, May 20, the 2nd annual STEAM Exposition was held at Colonie Central High School. Six GHS students from the E=mc2 inquiry program competed in the senior division comprised of 24 projects (42 students total). The six GHS students presented the following projects:

Silma Subah: Study on the perception of dreams and the impact on waking hours
Sagar Kumar: Using music to explain Galilean relativity, general, and special relativity
Emily Loparco: Self-made robots (featuring her own robot, Charles)
Febronia Mansour: How an impulse travels through the brain and the connections that make it so
Julia Liu: How color impacts mood in painting
Priyan Pathirana: Personalizing medicine through nanotechnology

Over the course of five hours, GHS students gave their presentations 20+ times. In the end, Mansour took first place in the senior division and collected a $500 prize. Bernard Bott, high school librarian and E=mc2 research coordinator said, "it was an amazing day and all of our participants gained something from having an opportunity to showcase their research. Each and every student was dynamic!"

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