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Student Parking Guidelines (2017-18)

1. Parking is for students who have obtained permission through the DMV to drive, it is a privilege only.

2. Parking permits are available in the School Store during normal operating hours.

 3. You may park in student parking without obtaining a permit through
Friday, September 22, 2017.

4. Any student parking on campus after September 22, without administrative permission, or obtaining a parking permit will have a parking fee placed upon their student account. $50.00 during the first semester. Any student, who parks on campus without a parking permit displayed, or temporary permission permit displayed, will be notified administratively.

5. Students may ONLY park in the student lots, denoted with yellow lines, until 3:30 pm, after which time, staff parking lots are available.

6. The Guilderland School District is not responsible for any damage or theft from any vehicle parked on campus.

7. Any vehicle parked illegally in a handicapped spot is subject to ticketing by the Guilderland Police Department in addition to disciplinary action.

8. Students may not go to their vehicle during the day without permission/pass from the West Office.

9. School Officials maintain the right to search a vehicle, when there is justifiable reason and administrative discretion to do so.

10. All drivers are expected to maintain caution and obey NYS laws governing traffic. Failure to do so may result in immediate suspension of the parking permit as well as other disciplinary measures, including local police enforcement.
Please refer to the Student Handbook and parking application for further details.