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Staff listing

Special Programs | Teachers | Teaching Assistants | Support Staff

Main office staff

Alicia Rizzo

Office Personnel
Angie Cobb

Laura Rutkowski

Occupational Therapy
Sarah Pasquini
Carole Wheelock

Physical Therapy
Shannon Bond

Britton Schnurr

Social Worker
Catherine Ricchetti

Speech/Language Therapists
Shauna Otsu-Schechner


Jennifer Armlin
Lisa O'Brien
Kerry Tymeson

First Grade
Susan Graves
Jamie Hostig
Jessica Vennard

Second Grade
Bryan Geary
Kate Panza
Angelica Stone

Third Grade
Robert Adams
Joan Krege
Marissa Muller
Joseph Sorriento

Fourth Grade
Lisa Corrado
Kristen Janssen
JoAnn Romano
Christine White

Fifth Grade
Steve Freeman
Tim Fry
Jacqulyn Vandenburgh

Physical Education
Michael Schaffer
Jennifer Sykes

Jeff Herchenroder
Michelle Jantson
Shannon Woodley

Gwen Kovacik

Learning Workshop
Andrea Bollentin
Terry Keller

Julia Healy

English as a Second Language (ESL)
Simon Levy

Reading/Language Arts
Margaret Artist
Christine Groat
Virginia Harford
Kathy State
Colleen Winchell

Literacy Coaches
Helen Ball
Kathleen Barker

Mathematics Specialist
Tod Mell

Instructional Technology Specialist
Natalia LeMoyne

Teaching Assistants
Nancy Armstrong
Joan Clauson
Marion Dvorscak
Meaghan Flynn
Paige Griggs
Pamela Hosgood
Kathy McGreal
Pauline Myers
Lori Tapper
Christine Tucker

Support staff

Cafeteria Monitors
Mary Beckman
Heather Comparetta
Maryellen Monton

Custodial Staff
Ron Baakman - Head Custodian
Louis Balog
Kathleen Garbarino

Food Service
Maryann Cannistraci
Kathy Meier

David Lansing