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WES food drive efforts to feed 85 local families

Dec. 19, 2016WES fifth-graders organized a building-wide food drive, where each grade level was responsible for bringing in one type of food item to go towards a holiday meal. Their donations will benefit local families through the Guilderland Food Pantry.

“It’s something immediate for the community,” said Principal Beth Bini. “Our fifth-graders did a really amazing job spearheading this food drive. They familiarized themselves with a food pantry’s mission and researched local poverty rates, as well as about how much food feeds a family [about 60 pounds per family]. I am so proud of them and our school."

According to Susan Hennessy, the director of the food pantry, “eighty-five families will be fed through the efforts of the WES community. All of these ingredients will go toward local Christmas meals... I love that these students were able to experience the gift of giving," she said.

A job well-done to the WES community!


WES Food Drive

Director of the Guilderland Food Pantry Susan Hennessy estimated the donations at 1,000 pounds!

Kindergarten: cake mix and frosting
Grade 1: canned vegetables
Grade 2: canned fruit
Grade 3: cranberry sauce
Grade 4: boxed stuffing
Grade 5: vegetable oil, canned pumpkin
Teachers: pie crusts