1420 Complaints About Curricula or Instructional Materials

The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility for the purchase of instructional materials. The Board encourages district teachers and administrators to select books and other materials in accordance with sound educational principles and practices and to use them effectively in the classrooms. However, the Board also recognizes the right of community members to voice concerns and/or complaints regarding the implementation of a particular curriculum and/or instructional material.


All complaints concerning textbooks, library books and other instructional materials, shall be submitted to the building principal. The Superintendent of Schools shall create regulations establishing a complaint procedure which shall include:

1. An opportunity for an informal conference between the teacher and the aggrieved party.

2. If the informal conference does not resolve the issue, the complainant will file with the building principal his/her protest in writing by completing the Request for Reconsideration of Curricula or Instructional Materials.

3. Upon receipt of the completed form, the principal will convene a Review Committee for his/her school.

4. The Committee shall consist of:

  • assistant superintendent for instruction;
  • a teacher not directly involved;
  • a librarian from that school;
  • the principal; and
  • two parents selected by the building’s PTA.

5. The parties shall be present at the initial meeting of the Committee to present their cases to the Committee.

6. The Committee shall consider the evidence, make a determination and inform the parties of their decision. (1)

7. If either party is not satisfied with the decision, an appeal may be made to the Superintendent of Schools.

8. If either party is not satisfied with the Superintendent’s decision, the matter may be appealed to the Board of Education.

(1) In the event that the committee finds merit in the argument that material should be removed, it would forward a report of their understanding and recommendation to the Superintendent and the Board of Education and they would mutually agree to a solution. The Board of Education has the final authority.

Cross-ref: 4511, Textbook Selection and Adoption 4513, Library Materials Selection and Adoption
4524, School Libraries

Ref: Education Law §§1709(15); 1711(5)(f)
Board of Educ., Island Trees UFSD v Pico, 457 US 853 (1982)

Adopted April 8, 1997
Revised and Adopted January 26, 1999
Revised and Adopted January 18, 2011
Reviewed and Adopted July 1, 2015
Reviewed and Adopted July 2, 2019

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