1500-R Public Use of School Buildings and Grounds Regulation

I.       Objective

The Guilderland Central School District intends to maximize the use of its facilities during non-school hours.  We are desirous that school sponsored programs and activities and members of the community be accommodated in their needs for school facilities.  We hope the following guidelines will encourage and facilitate the use of our schools by staff and community.

A. Use of a school property must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

Requests for use of school property should be received at least two weeks in advance of the date use is desired.  Such requests must be in writing and signed by a responsible administrative officer of the community organization. The availability of school  property for community use is subject to necessary cleaning and maintenance for school purposes.

B.  In accordance with the provisions of Section 414 of the Education Law, community groups and organizations may use school district facilities for the following purposes.

 1.      For instruction in any branch of education.

 2.      For holding social, civic and recreational meetings and entertainments; however, such uses shall be non-exclusive and shall be open to the general public.

3.      For occasions where admission fees are charged when the proceeds are to be used for an educational or charitable purpose; but such use shall not be permitted if such occasions are under the exclusive control, and the proceeds are to be applied for the benefit of, an organization or a religious sect or denomination, or of a fraternal, secret or exclusive organization other than organizations of veterans or armed forces of the United States and organizations of volunteer firemen.

C.           All uses must be for social, civic, educational, cultural, or recreational meetings and entertainment or other such purposes pertaining to the welfare of the community and shall be non-exclusive and open to the general public.

D.           The Board of Education requires all users to provide the school district, prior to each use, with a certificate of insurance providing liability coverage for each use in an amount determined by the Board of Education.  Any damages caused during use of the facilities will be paid by the user.  (See Insurance Guidelines.)

E.            When qualified under Section B-2 and B-3 above:  

1.     Community groups and organizations of the nature referred to below may use the school district premises without charge, except for custodial expenses as stated in Section P below:              

  • Parent-Teacher Assn. 
  • Veterans Organizations and Library Organizations
  • Auxiliaries
  • 4-H
  • Volunteer Fire Companies and
  • Civic Forums
  • Auxiliaries
  • Girl Scouts
  • Red Cross
  • Boy Scouts
  • Guilderland Youth Activities
  • Home Bureau
  • Town of Guilderland Senior Citizen Groups
  • District Employee Associations 

This shall not include spaces administered by the Continuing/Adult   Education Program Director.

 2.      School related organizations such as Booster Club, Music Parents Association, Extra-curricular Clubs, Class Organizations, Guilderland Players, etc., may use school district facilities without incurring any charges for such facilities and staff related to utilizing the facility.

3.      Other qualified community groups and organizations which present a program of high moral standard to the general public and which charge an admission fee, may use school premises upon payment of the fees and charges established by the school district.                 

F.            The Board of Education specifically reserves the right to revoke any permit granted to any user without prior notice to such user.  In the event of such a revocation, the reasons thereof shall be stated to the user in writing.

G.           Nothing contained herein shall be construed to require the Board of Education to authorize the use of its facilities or grounds to any user who may otherwise qualify hereunder, if the said Board determines, in an exercise of its discretion that such user has previously violated or is likely to violate said school district’s “Rules and Regulations for the Maintenance of Public Order” or the rules and regulations herein contained relating to the use of school facilities and/or grounds.

H.           Fee Schedules:

Any group (expected to pay fees), utilizing district facilities, will enter into an agreement with Guilderland Central School District and pay the school district in compliance with a published schedule of fees for room use, field use, and custodial charges.  The list of fees will be available upon request. A “special events fee” may be negotiated when multiple-day and/or multiple facilities use is requested.

All users shall pay the school district, no later than thirty (30) days after billing, an amount determined by the Board of Education as being the reasonable expense incurred by the school district as such relates to each use.  Advance payments and/or security deposits may be required.

I.             School District facilities may not be used by:

  • Political organizations.
  • Subversive organizations.
  • Religious groups for denominational services or gatherings.
  • Secret or fraternal organizations.
  • Persons or organizations for private profit.

J.  Use of school property by community organizations shall be in conformity with the policy covering Public Conduct on School Property (#1520) adopted by this Board of Education, a copy of which along with this policy, shall be delivered to the officer responsible for each community group use prior to approval of the Property Use Permit.

K.           Parking: Parking in No Parking areas is not permitted.

L.            Use of School Equipment: Organizations using the building are expected to respect the furnishings and equipment of the school.  While the school will cooperate with all organizations, certain pieces of equipment such as athletic and audio-visual equipment cannot be used without specific permission of the building principal.

M.          Power Equipment: Power equipment in the kitchen will not be used without specific permission of the School Lunch Manager or designee.  When it is necessary to employ cafeteria personnel to operate the equipment, the organization using the building must bear the cost.                                                            

N.           Smoking: Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes) on district property is not permitted.

O.           The use of fireworks is prohibited on school grounds.

P.            Custodians: At least one custodian of the school shall be in attendance whenever a school is used by a community organization.  The organization shall pay any extra expenses so entailed.       

II.     Priority Use of Buildings

Priority A – Use of Individual Buildings:

Individual building activities must first be satisfied within that building before outside requests are accommodated.

1.     Building staff needs for instructional programs, student and adult classes.

2.     Building staff needs for extra-curricular programs (activity periods, clubs, plays, etc.).

3.     Building staff needs for extra-curricular programs beyond activity period (interscholastic athletics, clubs, plays, etc., at High School, Middle School and Elementary Schools).

Priority B – District Activities:

1.            Instructional programs, student and adult classes outside of its own school.

2.            Extra-curricular programs beyond eighth grade (interscholastic athletics, clubs, plays, etc., outside of its own school).

3.            Adult Education Program.

4.            Guilderland Youth Activities.

5.            Community Groups.

6.            Groups outside of the community.

In order for this priority system to function, it will be necessary that all building use requirements be filed with each appropriate individual according to the following calendar.  The dates represent those needs for the succeeding year.

  • Priority A                 –           August 1
  • Priority B (1 & 2)    –           August 15
  • Priority B (3)           –           September 1
  • Priority B (4)           –           September 15

With reasonable advanced notice from the principal, a group given a long-range commitment to a facility can be replaced for a single date for an activity or event for school pupils or parents.

Reviewed February 12, 2002
Reviewed January 4, 2011
Revised, Reviewed October 24, 2017
Revised and Reviewed October 29, 2019


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