2110-R School Board Powers and Duties Regulations

School Visits by Individual Board Members

Whenever possible, advance notice of official school visits by individual Board of Education members shall be given to the Building Principal. Unless provided with authority of the Board to represent the Board, individual Board members have no more authority than other individual citizens.

When a Board member makes such a visit to a district school, he/she must notify the Principal upon entering the building. Prior to such a visit, the Board member is encouraged to contact the Superintendent of Schools as he/she may either add some suggestions to make the Board member’s visit more meaningful or notify other Board members who might also like to observe a school program. Concerns or opinions related to the educational program in individual school buildings shall be directed to the Superintendent of Schools.

Access to Personnel Files

A member of the Board may review employee personnel records provided that:

1. the Superintendent is requested in advance to present the file at a regularly scheduled open meeting of the Board;

2. the file is reviewed during an Executive Session in the presence of a majority of the Board or their designee;

3. the personnel records are returned in their entirety to the Superintendent at the conclusion of the Executive Session; and

4. no reproduction of the records is made and no written notes are taken of the contents of employee personnel records.

The information contained in such records shall only be used by the Board for the purpose of aiding Board members in decisions regarding personnel employment matters, such as appointments, assignments, promotions, demotions, remuneration, discipline or dismissal; development and implementation of personnel policies; or such other uses as are necessary to enable the Board to carry out its legal responsibilities.

Ref: Education Law §§1604; 1604–a; 1701; 1708; 1709; 1710
8 NYCRR, Part 84
Gustin v. Joiner, 95 Misc. 2d 277 (1978), aff’d 68 AD2d 880 (1978)
Matter of Bruno, 4 EDR 14 (1964)

Reviewed June 20, 1995
Reviewed March 20, 2012
Revised: January 8, 2019

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