2111 Board Member Authority

Members of the Board of Education have legal authority for the conduct of the district schools only when acting as a body in a properly convened session. Board members acting as individuals have no authority over personnel or school affairs.

Members of the Board are free to speak to individuals on these issues outside of board meetings but such public expression is not to be construed as board policy. Information from executive sessions must remain confidential at all times, unless release is appropriately authorized. The Board will not be bound in any way by any individual’s statement or action unless the Board, through an adopted policy or by a majority vote of Board membership, has delegated this authority to the individual member.

Cross-ref: 2110, School Board Powers and Duties
Ref: Education Law §§1604; 1701; 1708; 1709; 1710; 1804
Matter of Bruno, 4 EDR 14 (1964)

Adopted June 20, 1995
Adopted March 6, 2012
Reviewed: January 8, 2019

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