2255 Board Participation on District-Wide Committees

In addition to those committees established by the Board of Education, there may be opportunities for Board members to serve on district-wide committees established throughout the school system. Examples of various groups in which Board members may be invited to participate include, but are not limited to: Safe Schools, Bullying and Harassment Prevention, District Priorities, and Facilities Planning. The role of a Board member as part of any district-wide committee may serve several functions including acting as a liaison between the individual group and the full Board. At a later time, the Board of Education as a whole may determine a future direction based on the recommendations of a committee. Therefore, Board members are charged to listen to the ideas presented and participate without exerting undue influence in any discussion or planning effort. Board members participating on a district-wide committee are acting as individuals and at no time are authorized to speak on behalf of the Board. Subsequently, individual Board members may be asked to provide first-hand information to their fellow Board members about the progress of the district-wide committee on which they serve.

Specific committees where Board member participation is prohibited include but are not limited to the following areas: hiring of teachers, building level cabinets (shared decision making), curriculum cabinets and challenges to curriculum materials or textbooks.

In cases where a Board member chooses to participate on a district-wide committee as permitted under this policy, notification should be provided to the Board of Education as a whole. For this purpose, the superintendent of schools can serve as a facilitator in notifying the other trustees.

Cross-ref: 2250, Board Committees

2260, Citizens Advisory Committees to the Board of Education

Adopted July 6, 2004

Revised and Adopted May 3, 2011

Adopted February 2, 2016

Reviewed and Adopted December 10, 2019

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