2340 Notice of Meetings

For all regular and scheduled special meetings of the Board of Education, the District Clerk shall give adequate notice to all members and to the community, including posting notice of the time and place of meetings on the district website and the following designated public locations:

  • District Office: Front Door
  • High School: By the main office door and LGI entrance
  • Middle School: Lobby
  • Pine Bush Elementary: Main office door
  • Guilderland Elementary: Main office window
  • Westmere Elementary: Front door
  • Lynnwood Elementary: Main office window
  • Altamont Elementary: Main office window

If a meeting is scheduled at least a week in advance, notice must be given or electronically transmitted to the public and news media at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. A special meeting may be called upon 24-hour notice to Board Members.

When a meeting is scheduled less than a week in advance, the Board shall provide or electronically transmit public notice to the extent practicable. Said notice shall be conspicuously posted in one or more designated public locations, including the district’s website as well as notify official school and local newspapers (i.e., Altamont Enterprise, Schenectady Gazette, Guilderland Spotlight and/or Times Union).

If a board member intends to participate in a board meeting via videoconference, the public notice of the meeting will indicate that videoconferencing will be used, specify the location(s) for the meeting and state that the public may attend at any of the locations.

If a meeting will be streamed live over the internet, notice will indicate the internet address of the website streaming the meeting.

Cross-ref: 2300 School Board Meetings
Ref: Open Meetings Law, Public Officers Law §§100 et seq.
Education Law §§1606; 1708; 2504; 2563

Adopted July 30, 1996
Revised November 27, 2007
Adopted November 1, 2011
Revised, Adopted December 6, 2016
Revised, Adopted December 4, 2018

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