2410 Formulation, Adoption and Amendment of Policies

The Board of Education recognizes that the adoption of written policies constitutes the basic method by which the Board exercises its leadership in the operation of the district. Policies may be proposed for adoption, change, or repeal at any regular or special Board meeting, by any member of the school community. The Board delegates to the Superintendent of Schools the responsibility and authority to establish any and all rules, regulations, and/or procedures necessary to implement and maintain its policies.

Accordingly, the Superintendent is directed to participate in the Board’s program of policy revision which includes:

1. periodic review and evaluation of all current Board policy, pursuant to policy 2460, Policy Review and Evaluation;

2. preparation of additional policies as needed;

3. consultation with district staff and community members on an advisory basis; and

4. presentation of proposed policy in draft form to the Board for consideration prior to action.

Since policies often affect the students, employees and/or citizens of the district, the

Board shall make a continuing effort to try to involve as many relevant groups as reasonable during policy development. To assure these groups a reasonable opportunity to advise the Board of their reactions to and feelings about proposed policies, no official Board vote shall take place on a policy adoption, change, or repeal at the meeting during which it is first presented to the Board for consideration, unless a 2/3rds majority of the Board determines that it is necessary to do otherwise.

To adopt, change, or repeal a policy requires a majority vote of the entire Board. Rules and regulations are subject to modification by Board action. Such actions shall be subject to the same approval procedure governing policy adoption as described previously in this section.

The formal adoption of policies shall be recorded in Board minutes. Only those written statements so adopted and so recorded shall be regarded as official Board policy. Every Board and staff member shall have access to policies via the district website.

Cross-ref: 2460, Policy Review and Evaluation
Ref: Education Law §§1604(a); 1709(1); 1804

Adopted December 10, 1996
Revised, Adopted January 8, 2013
Reviewed: August 14, 2018

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