4316 Physical Education

The Board of Education shall provide every student with an opportunity for wholesome and enriched educational experiences. The Board believes that the following basic aims and objectives of the physical education program shall contribute to this goal:

1. to aid the development of a student’s mind by encouraging the development of a healthy body;

2. to encourage student participation in appropriate physical activity while in school and to teach the skills of those activities so that they will carry over to activities throughout their lifetime;

3. to increase appreciation of physical fitness and its importance in regard to good health;

4. to impress upon students the importance of integrating one’s mind, body, and attitude in preparing to face the challenges life presents; and

5. to foster self-respect, self-discipline, and the value of cooperation and teamwork.

With these objectives in mind, the district physical education staff will work together with administrators to develop a physical education program that develops each student’s flexibility, agility, coordination, strength and endurance incorporating a progression of skills and activities from simple to more complex. This program must be flexible enough to accommodate each student’s own pattern of growth and development and include activities that assure both individual and group development throughout the student’s school years. Provisions shall be made for students who require a special or adaptive physical education program.

Students who are temporarily or permanently unable to participate in the regular physical education program will be provided with adapted and/or alternative activities. Temporary or shortterm adaptations shall be made by the physical education teacher/supervisor in consultation with appropriate medical personnel including licensed physical or occupational therapists. Permanent or long-term program adaptations shall be based upon recommendations from the family physician.

Students with disabilities, as classified by the Committee on Special Education (CSE), who are unable to safely or successfully participate in the activities of the regular physical education program will be provided with an adaptive and or alternative physical education plan. The written individualized education program (IEP) for each such student shall include a prescriptive physical education program. The physical education teacher shall be involved in the development of the IEP.

School personnel shall have the responsibility of determining the activities appropriate for each student. In no case should the activity exceed the ability level of the student.

Ref: Education Law §§803; 3204(5)
8 NYCRR §135.4
*8 NYCRR §100.5 (a) (3)
District Physical Education Plan (filed with State Education Department, available at the District Office)

*Current Commissioner’s Regulations state:
“In order to qualify for graduation, each student in grades 9-12 shall be required to successfully complete the physical education program prescribed by the district during each year of attendance in the district high school.”

Note: Policy added

Adopted January 27, 1998
Adopted March 6, 2012
Revised and Adopted May 28, 2019

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