4510.2 Internet and Computer Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The Board of Education is committed to the optimization of teaching and student learning. The Board considers computers to be a valuable tool for education, and encourages the use of computers and computer-related technology in District classrooms. The Board encourages computer use as an integral part of the curriculum, and the Board believes that the use of software applications, online databases, online course materials, appropriate interactive curriculum based web applications, web and video-conferencing, and internet research tools significantly enhance a student’s educational experience.

The Board directs the Superintendent of Schools to appoint Coordinators for Technology to coordinate the use of district computer resources. The Superintendent, working with the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Technology Leadership Council, in conjunction with the Technology Liaison Committee, building administrators, and technical staff will prepare and submit for the Board’s approval a comprehensive multi-year technology plan which shall be revised and updated annually. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure the purchase and implementation of a technology protection measure that will block or filter Internet access by:

  • Adults to depictions that are obscene, and
  • Minors to depictions that are obscene or harmful to minors as defined in the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

In line with the District’s mission and goals, the Board extends to the District’s staff and students the privilege of using computers to access the Internet to help perform academic work, to explore educational topics, to conduct research projects and to contact others in the educational world.

Appropriate disciplinary action, including potential restriction of technology in school, will be taken in the event of violations of this policy.

The District takes no responsibility for losses sustained by staff or students as a result of system failure. Also, information stored on the District Computer System (DCS) is not private and may be reviewed or traced by authorized personnel. The Board directs the Superintendent to develop appropriate rules and regulations for use of computers and related technologies in District schools.

The Board also directs the Superintendent to annually publicize this policy and regulations to staff, students and parents.

Cross-ref: 5310, Student Discipline

Adopted October 20, 1998
(Revised by Technology Liaison Committee – November 2005)
Revised and Adopted January 10, 2006
Adopted April 8, 2008
(Revised by Technology Liaison Committee -February 2011)
Revised, Adopted June 6, 2011
Revised, Adopted April 12, 2016
Revised and Adopted May 28, 2019

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