4510.2-R.1 Computer Network and Technology Equipment (AUP) Regulation

Staff and students are expected to follow these guidelines when using computers at school:

District Computer System (DCS) includes computers, wired and wireless networks, cabling, servers, printers, and all other technology related devices and systems owned by the District.

1. District Computer System (DCS) is for curricular and school use. Commercial use is prohibited. Personal use should be limited.

2. Use of the DCS which violates any aspect of School District Policies, the Student Discipline Code of Conduct, and any Federal, State or Local laws or regulations is strictly prohibited.

3. No personal software may be downloaded or installed anywhere on the DCS without first having been reviewed by a technician or authorized via the software purchase process.

This includes but is not limited to software packages, program, plug-ins, updates, toolbars, applets, drivers, Apps, extensions.

4. No personal computers and/or equipment or peripherals may be attached to or configured on the DCS. However, students and/or staff may connect USB flash drives or other removable storage devices to district computers to transfer assignments or school related data to district computers when necessary. These data files must be scanned by the district’s antivirus software. Personal devices with wireless capability may access the

Internet through the district’s wireless network for professional purposes only. This will be accomplished through the district’s wireless guest/Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) access that will allow Internet access but will prevent network access. Technicians will be responsible for configuring devices with browser proxy settings and for setting up passwords. Personal devices for professional staff will include laptops, tablets or other approved interactive technologies. Personal cell/smart phones may be granted access to guest/BYOD wireless networks upon request and when used for professional purposes.

5. Do not alter or change the settings or system configurations of the DCS hardware or

software in any way. Exceptions to this may include User Accessibility Settings and default printer designation. Do not remove/move, unplug, alter or add equipment or software to the DCS. No damaging, disabling or otherwise interfering with the operation of any part of the

DCS through physical action or by electronic means. These regulations apply to preconfigured system setups and stationary system setups. However, district laptops that are used for instructional use may be connected to presentation systems or other types of hardware owned by the district. Faculty and staff should be trained by the district’s technical staff before using these special setups.

6. Do not intentionally bypass the security of the DCS for viewing inappropriate Internet sites. Do not attempt to gain access to restricted areas of the DCS, or go beyond authorized access by entering another person’s password or accessing another person’s files or e-mail.

No changing, copying, renaming, deleting, reading or otherwise accessing files or software not created by the owner of the file.

7. Do not violate copyright laws. Information and materials obtained from the DCS and used in work must be properly cited.

8. Do not disclose an individual password to others or use others’ passwords. Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any level of the DCS by attempting to log in through another person’s account, or use computer accounts, access codes or network identification other than those assigned to the user.

9. Do not waste school resources by printing excessively or consuming limited hard drive space or network drive space or bandwidth capacity anywhere on the DCS.

10. Do not download software or programs from the Internet to the DCS.

11. Do not create or willfully disseminate computer viruses. Staff and students should be sensitive to the ease of spreading viruses and should take steps to ensure that disks and files are virus free.

12. Do not violate licensing agreements, including the downloading or exchanging of pirated software or copying software to or from any part of the DCS.

13. Information stored on the DCS is not private and may be viewed or traced by authorized personnel.

14. Students will not use district equipment or networks to engage in cyberbullying or cyberstalking. Students will not use digital cameras to take or post inappropriate pictures.

15. In the course of repairs, DCS computers may be re-imaged at any time. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to maintain a regular backup of his/her data in a location not on the DCS local computer. Data should be stored on his/her network server where it is backed up on a nightly basis.

Staff and students must understand that if they violate these rules, their computer privileges maybe suspended. Violations of these regulations will result in a referral to school administration for further disciplinary action.

(Reviewed November 2005 by the Technology Liaison Committee)
Reviewed December 13, 2005
(Revised by the Technology Liaison Committee – February 2011)
Revised June 6, 2011
Revised June 18, 2013
Revised and Reviewed December 10, 2013
Revised and Adopted May 28, 2019

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