4510.2-R Internet and Computer Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Regulation

Staff and students are expected to follow these guidelines when using computers at school:

1. School computers may only be used to help perform academic work, to explore educational topics, to conduct research projects, or to contact others for educational purposes.

2. When using school computers, students and staff will be expected to take reasonable care of school equipment and materials.

3. Students and staff are expected to act in a responsible, ethical and legal manner while using school computers and the Internet. They should be polite to other Internet users, and they should act within state and federal laws.

4. Users are responsible for the use of their network account and should safeguard their account from being accessed by others.

5. No personal purchases may be made through a computer owned by the school, or through one of the school’s Internet accounts.

6. Students will be supervised when they access the Internet. The schools will take every reasonable precaution to ensure that a student will not access objectionable materials.

Students will be instructed to notify a teacher if they accidentally access something objectionable from a school computer and should do so immediately.

7. Students will be instructed that they should not provide personal information or agree to meet with strangers that they meet on the Internet. Students should notify a teacher if someone on the Internet requests personal information or asks to meet with them.

8. In accordance with the District’s “opt-out” policy for the use of student directory information, Web page documents on the Internet may include a student’s full name, grade level, photograph, art work, academic interest, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, terms of school attendance and graduation, awards received, etc. unless the district has been notified in writing not to publish this information in any given school year.

9. Information stored on school computer equipment is not private and may be viewed or traced by authorized personnel.

Staff and students must understand that if they violate these rules, their computer privileges may be suspended. Violations of these guidelines will result in a referral to school administration for further disciplinary action.

(Reviewed November 2005 by the Technology Liaison Committee)
Reviewed December 13, 2005
(Revised by Technology Liaison Committee -February 2011)
Reviewed June 6, 2011
Revised and Reviewed December 10, 2013
Reviewed April 12, 2016
Revised and Adopted May 28, 2019

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