4513 Library Materials Selection

The Board of Education, as the governing body of the school district, is legally responsible for the selection of library materials, including the selection and approval of printed and non-printed materials for its use. Therefore, the Board directs the Superintendent to develop procedures for the selection of appropriate materials.

Further, the Board endorses the guidelines approved by the American Library Association that such resources:

  1. provide information that will enrich and support the curriculum, taking into consideration the varied interests, abilities, and maturity levels of the students served;
  1. provide information that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and ethical standards;
  1. provide information that will enable students to make intelligent judgments in their daily lives;
  1. provide information and guidance on opposing sides of controversial issues so that young citizens may develop the practice of critical reading and thinking;
  1. provide information representative of the many religious, ethnic, and cultural groups and their contributions to our American heritage; and
  1. place principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the selection of materials of the highest quality in order to assure a comprehensive collection appropriate for the users of the library.

These guidelines should be consistent with the district’s Instructional Goals, as stated in Policy 4000.

Every reasonable effort shall be made to assure that library resource materials represent the most current information available in the subjects represented in the curriculum.

Complaints or challenges to the selection of library materials should be made in accordance with current Board policy.

Cross-ref: 1420-R, Complaints about Curricula or Instructional Materials
Ref: Education Law §§1709(15); 1711(5)(f)
Board of Educ., Island Trees UFSD v. Pico, 457 US 853 (1982)

Adopted March 24, 1998
Adopted September 10, 2013
Revised, Adopted July 2, 2019

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