4533 Policy on Additional High School Course Options

In addition to the core curriculum option, there are other approaches for students to earn credit toward high school graduation. These include: a) credit by examination; b) independent study; college course work; d) internships and e) credit recovery programs. In addition, a student may with permission choose to audit a course. Prior approval is required to pursue these alternative approaches. School Counselors are encouraged to notify students of these opportunities.

Auditing a Course

A course audited is listed on the permanent record as an “audit” with no credit issued.       Students may audit courses under special circumstances as classroom space allows. The “Audit Course Request” form is available from the school counselor listing the details and stipulations.                        This document must be signed by the student, parent, and department supervisor prior to the beginning of the course.

Credit by Examination

Students who have not completed the generally expected units of study (based on the traditional seat time and successfully adhering to the course requirements) may be admitted to a checkpoint exam, Regents examination, or for the purpose of demonstrating academic proficiency acquired through independent, out of school, or other study. Students may be admitted to such an examination only upon the determination by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee, with the understanding that the student will benefit academically by exercising this option.

Such credit can be included toward the completion of a sequence and graduation requirements.

In the case of the science Regents examinations, the student must meet the laboratory requirement before admission to the examination. This requirement can be met through industrial and commercial experiences or by completing the necessary number of school laboratory exercises.

Source: NYS School Administrator’s Manual, 2001 Edition

Independent Study (Students Not Enrolled in Courses of Study)

Independent study, for credit will be available to meet special individual needs of students in grades nine (9) through twelve (12). Credit shall be granted only for courses in the approved curriculum. Request for independent study must be made to the teacher and department supervisor, and approved by the student’s school counselor and the high school principal.

In addition, under New York State guidelines, a student may earn up to a maximum of 6 ½ units of credit without completing the units of study requirement. In order to earn such credit, the student must satisfy each of the criteria listed below:

Based on the student’s academic performance, the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee, must determine that the student will benefit academically by exercising this alternative.

The student must pass an oral examination or successfully complete a special project to demonstrate proficiency in the subject area as determined by the principal or his/her designee.

The student must achieve a score of at least 85, or its equivalent as determined by the Commissioner on a State-developed examination.

The student must attend school, or have received substantially equivalent instruction elsewhere, in accordance with Section 3202 of the Education Law, until the age of 16, pursuant to Sections 3204 and 3205 of the Education Law.

Source: NYS School Administrator’s Manual, 2001 Edition

College Course Work

Advanced Placement classes and Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) courses are offered at Guilderland High School. Depending on the college/ university, college credit may be granted in addition to meeting the high school course requirements. Other college course options may be considered at the student’s request. With permission of the principal, students may also earn high school credit by successfully completing college courses. Final approval from the principal must be granted before enrolling in the specified course.

Note: The high school principal may consider other enrichment course options offered at colleges/universities for high school credit if requested in advance by students.


The Guilderland High School instructional program does include opportunities for internships. Such possibilities are typically linked, but not limited to programs in Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP), or other School-To-Career options. Students are encouraged to contact their guidance counselor or cooperating teacher to pursue a structured internship leading to course credit.

Credit Recovery

Guilderland High School provides opportunity for students who have failed to achieve the requirements in a course of study with the means to make up pertinent course and learning work. To receive credit, the student shall successfully complete a district approved credit recovery program and demonstrate mastery of the learning standards for the subject.

Cross References: High School Graduation Requirements (Policy #4770) Annual Guilderland High School Curriculum Guide

Adopted February 12, 2002

Revised and Adopted October 22, 2013

Revised and Adopted November 19, 2019


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