Introductory Parent Guide for GCSD SchoolTool Parent and Student Portal

SchoolTool Parent and Student Portal is a web-based access portal that allows parents to view information about their child’s educational program, as well as how their son/daughter is doing in school. All Guilderland Central School District parents and students have access to the SchoolTool Parent and Student Portal; however, high school and middle school parents and students may have more detailed access to assignments, grades and scheduling.

Report cards are posted to the SchoolTool Parent and Student Portal. (Since the 2014-15 school year, paper copies are no longer sent/mailed home.) In addition, parents can view their child’s emergency contact and medical information via the portal.

Before parents can access their child’s school records via the portal, they must:

Have an email address on file with the school district

In order to create an account with SchoolTool, you will need to know the email address on file with the district. This is the email address that was previously submitted with your child’s Student/Parent Contact Information Sheet. If you did not submit an email address on your child’s Contact Information Sheet, or if you’ve recently changed your email address, please contact:
– Elementary and high school parents: Kim TenEyck at (518) 456-6200, ext. 3123.
– Middle school parents: Please call your child’s house secretary; Hiawatha and Tawasentha House, (518) 456-6010, ext. 3041; Seneca House, (518) 456-6010, ext. 3060.

Once your email address has been entered into the system, you will be able to access and create an account with SchoolTool.

Know the web address of the SchoolTool portal

The address is You may also access the portal from the district website homepage.  Scroll down past the photo carousel; SchoolTool is the fourth selection (down) under Quick Links.

Be able to access their email account

Parents will receive their SchoolTool password via email from the SchoolTool system. It will be necessary to make sure you have access to your email when you first log in.

Once your email address is on file with the district, you will receive a message containing detailed information on how to set-up your ParentPortal account. Please look for a message from the address This message will include a temporary, secure password you will use to log into the system for the first time. If you do not receive a message from SchoolTool in your inbox, please be sure to check your spam folder.

First login to SchoolTool

Now that you have done the basic preparation, it is time to log into the portal.

  1. Use your web browser, preferably Chrome or Safari, to access SchoolTool. This information will also be contained in the introductory email message sent to you by the school district.
  2. Where it says “username,” type in your full email address.
  3. Where it says “password,” enter the temporary password that was sent to you by the district in your introductory email message. Please note: All passwords are case sensitive. Please do not copy/paste your temporary password; instead, users are encouraged to re-type their temporary passwords.
  4. Click on the blue “login” button
  5. Change your password. Now would be a good time to change your temporary password to a more comfortable one. We recommend creating a new password that has the following characteristics:
    – Greater than or equal to eight characters
    – Combination of letters, numbers and symbols (including upper and lowercase letters)
    – Something that can be remembered easily
    Good passwords do not have to be hard to remember. “Late2School!” is a good password that has upper and lowercase letters, a number, a symbol and is greater than eight characters long but still easy to remember.To change your password, simply click on the Account sub tab, enter your existing temporary password where it says “old password” and then enter your desired new password where it says “new password.” You will need to enter your new password twice to confirm the change. Click on the change password button to finalize the change.

Subsequent Logins to SchoolTool

Returning users simply need to navigate back to the SchoolTool home page, enter their username and password and click the login button.

Please note: If you cannot remember your username and password, please contact either Kim TenEyck (elementary and high school parents) or your child’s house secretary (middle school parents) at the numbers listed on the top of this page.

Once logged in, parents will be presented with a screen containing three tabs:

Students: A listing of all students associated with the logged-in parent. Parents should click on the purple arrow next to a student’s name to see all of his/her details.

Campus: A parent will see general campus information.

Account: To change passwords and view previous login date/time stamps.

To view your child’s information, be sure that you are in the “students” tab and then click on the purple arrow next to the student’s name on the home screen. Once you have clicked on the purple arrow, parents will then be brought to a screen showing placement, homeroom, team and bus route information. (Please note: This is data published on a variety of dates specified by the school district and is generally unavailable during the early part of the summer.)

By navigating through the SchoolTool portal, parents will be able to see scheduling information and attendance information for all of their child’s classes. For most classes at the high school and middle school, they will also be able to see assignments and due dates, as well as grades on previous work and class grades. Please note: For all classes that are using the grade book, assignments will have grades posted. Please remember that any grades reported in the portal are grades in progress — the only official grades are those on report cards, available via SchoolTool at the end of each quarter.

All parents and students will be able to view basic student information, including emergency contact, medical and attendance information. Middle and high school parents and students will also be able to see more detailed scheduling information. For most classes at the high school and middle school, you will also be able to see assignments and due dates, as well as grades on previous work and class grades. Beginning in 2014-15, all K-12 report cards are now posted to the SchoolTool Parent and Student Portal – paper copies are no longer mailed/sent home. All parents will also be able to send emails directly to teachers and view important messages and reminders throughout the school year.
Parents can view family contact information under the “Contacts” tab and send emails directly to their child’s teachers by clicking on the teacher’s name under the “Schedule” tab.
To view marking period grades or to print out a user-friendly version of the report cards, navigate to the student’s “Grades” tab. Scroll down to see the most recently posted marking period grades.

Elementary report cards are more easily viewed by clicking on the printer icon to display a user-friendlu version of all the progess areas.
Parents and students may access prior years’ report cards by choosing the appropriate school year and marking period.

If you have any questions about the information you see on the SchoolTool portal or about your child’s performance in general, please do not hesitate to contact his/her teacher, school counselor, attendance clerk (high school), house office secretary (middle school) or school administrator.

Logging out of SchoolTool

When it comes time to end the session, a parent may click logout in the module bar (located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen) or simply close the browser window.

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