Mohawk team letters and supply lists 2023-24

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Mohawk House Office: Phone: 456-6010 ext. 2041
House Principal: Mr. Laster
House Secretary: Mrs. Malo
School Counselor: Mrs. Heigel

Mohawk 6C

Dear 6C Families,

Welcome to FMS and Mohawk House Team 6C for the 2023-2024 school year! The Team Teachers are Cynthia Oliver (Language Arts and Social Studies), Liz Mayo (Math and Science), and Julie Bruno (Consultant Teacher). We also have a teaching assistant, Laurie Belfance, on our team. We are looking forward to meeting you, learning with you, and making your 6th grade year a great one! 6th Grade is such a wonderful year, and we know that you will love all the opportunities that FMS has to offer!

We have a list of supplies (below) that we would like you to have in school. Please look at the list  (attached) carefully as items are color coordinated to make them easier to find. Organization is an important step towards success in middle school.

Sixth graders, we want to hear from you! Complete this form to tell us about yourself.

Enjoy these last few days of summer. Please bring all of your supplies to school by Friday, September, 8. You can bring in some supplies to school on Thursday and some Friday to make backpacks easier to carry!

Thank you in advance for completing our form! We are looking forward to meeting you in September!

Mrs. Mayo (Math/Science Teacher)
Mrs. Oliver (Language Arts/Social Studies)
Mrs. Bruno (Consultant Teacher)
Mrs. Belfance (Team Teaching Assistant)

Mohawk 6C Supplies

  • a combination lock for your locker
  • 1 two inch binder (any color, please no larger than two inches!)
  • 1 three-hole punched pocket folder (any color, for homework)
  • 1 three-hole zippered pencil pouch (to fit inside binder)
  • 1 additional pencil pouch or case (for supplies in locker)
  • 1 marble composition notebook for Writing
  • 2 one subject spiral notebooks – any color, for Science and Social Studies
  • 1 plastic red pocket folders with fasteners for Math
  • 1 plastic yellow pocket folders with fasteners for Science
  • 1 plastic green pocket folder with fasteners for Social Studies
  • 1 plastic purple pocket folder with fasteners for Writing (Language Arts)
  • Texas Instruments Scientific calculator (TI-30X IIS) 
  • 4 packages of (sharpened if possible!) pencils*
  • 1 fine point black Sharpie*
  • 1 package of colored pencils
  • 1 package of fine tip markers
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 pack of 3 x 3 size post-its*
  • 1 highlighter*
  • a package of glue sticks*
  • a box of tissues*
  • Wired headphones or earbuds; Dollar Tree is a great place to buy them!! It’s a great idea to get at least
    two and a case to keep them safe!
  • optional/recommended- a homework planner like the one linked here

*these supplies will be collected for community use

If you have any trouble getting any of the supplies, please let us know! We buy extra supplies and are happy to help!

Crossteam Classes Supplies

Music Department

6th grade general music
  • pocket folder with 10-15 pages of loose-leaf paper
  • pencil (not pen)
  • box of tissues (optional)

PE Department

  • All grades: Lock for PE lockers

Health Department

  • Health 6 earbuds/headphones (can be shared with another class)

Technology Department

All Grades Technology
  • Headphones to be used in the computer lab
  • 2 pencils, 1 pen,
  • 15 loose leaf sheets of paper
  • 1 Box of tissues


6th grade Family & Consumer Science (FACS)
  • earbuds/headphones (can be shared with another class)
  • Pencil

Art 6-8

  • Pencil
  • Box of tissues

WLC Department

Students taking French, Italian or Spanish should have the following materials for their World Language class in September:

  • Binder (1 inch) – separate from team binder
  • 1 package of dividers
  • Index cards
  • In your pencil pouch to bring to class daily,
    • Pens/pencils
    • 1 dry erase marker
    • Earbuds
    • Colored pencils and markers
  • **1+ boxes of tissues (specific for WLC)

Mohawk 6C Team Letter and Supply List

Mohawk 6D

Dear M6D Team Families,
Welcome to Farnsworth Middle School and the Mohawk House for the 2023 2024 school year!  We are so happy that you will be a member of the Abbasi Hart M6D Team.  We are looking forward to a school year filled with lots of learning, new friendships, and fun! 
Mohawk 6D is made up of Mrs. Abbasi, who teaches Math and Science, and Mrs. Hart, who teaches Language Arts and Social Studies. Your child will be placed in a homeroom with Mrs. Abbasi or Mrs. Hart and will follow a schedule based on the letter day. All students see all of us everyday for an 80 minute “block” class.  In addition, they will be attending Encore classes like Health, Art, PE, Music, Technology and F.A.C.S. and Tutorial throughout the week. It’s a busy day in 6th grade with lots of new faces to meet! We are looking forward to meeting you, teaching you what 6th grade is all about and making your 6th grade year at Farnsworth a great one!


No one knows your child better than you.  It would be so helpful if you would write a letter to us all about your child.  Please tell us anything you think we should know about your son or daughter. We always enjoy reading these letters, and it allows us to begin the school year already knowing a bit about each child. We welcome any and all of your thoughts or ideas.  Please email this letter to us during the summer (see addresses below) or have your child bring your letter to school on the first day.
IMPORTANT! Throughout the school year, information will be sent to the email address(es) you’ve provided in eSchool. Please make sure your preferred phone number and email address is correct so that you don’t miss out on announcements about school procedures and opportunities for you and your child to visit FMS as the summer progresses. 

Students: Summer Reading

During the summer, the FMS expectation is that each student will read at least one book. Write down the title and the author and be prepared to write and share information about the book in the first week of school. If you need some ideas of what to read, refer to the recommended reading list on the district’s website for suggestions. We strongly encourage students to keep reading this summer. We already have our summer reads lined up!

School Supplies

Good organizational skills are a major factor in student success in middle school.  To help you get prepared, we have attached a list of school supplies needed for the upcoming school year.  We ask that you unpack and label everything at home as best you can using the attached list so that we can get off and running smoothly in our first few days.
We look forward to meeting you at the 6th grade Orientation Day on September 6. More information about this day will be shared with you later in the summer. 
Mrs. Melissa Abbasi – Math/Science 
Mrs. Cheri Hart – Language Arts/Social Studies                          

Mohawk 6D Supply List

Please bring all LABELED supplies to school on Sept. 7.

Science & Math (Mrs. Abbasi)

  • One RED plastic two pocket folder (no prongs)-labeled Math/Abbasi/M6D
  • One GREEN plastic two pocket folder (no prongs)- labeled Science/Abbasi/M6D
  • Texas Instruments TI- 30X IIS Scientific Calculator 

Language Arts & Social Studies (Mrs. Hart)

  • One 1 ½ inch binder with pockets on the inside cover and a clear cover sleeve on the front and back
  • Two dividers – this will separate the binder into LA/Word Study/Social Studies
  • TWO composition notebooks  Note: We will be decorating one of them so plain is best!

General Team Supplies: (some of these will be community supplies to be shared by all)

  • Agenda/homework planner of your choice
  • 1 combination lock
  • Individual pencil bag or case- will be carried around to all classes
  • One heavy-duty plastic 2-pocket homework folder (no prongs)
  • 1 pair of earbuds/headphones (with a microphone if possible)-to use for ALL classes
  • 100 or more pencils (Ticonderoga® preferred)
  • 1 Package of pens- any color
  • 1 box of thin colored markers
  • 1 box of thick colored markers
  • 3-4 glue sticks
  • Three boxes of tissues
  • 1 package of THIN black Sharpie or any other thin permanent marker
  • Last name A-H: One container of antibacterial wipes
  • Last name I-P: One box of gallon zipper bags
  • Last name Q-Z: One box of sandwich size  zipper bags

Additional ENCORE Class Supplies 

General Music

  • pocket folder with 10-15 pages of loose-leaf paper
  • pencil (not pen)
  • box of tissues

PE Department

  • Combination lock for PE lockers

Health Department

  • earbuds/headphones (can be shared with another class)

Technology Department

  • headphones to be used in the computer lab
  • 2 pencils, 1 pen
  • 15 loose leaf sheets of paper
  • one box of tissues

FACS: Family & Consumer Science

  • earbuds/headphones
  • pencil


  • pencil
  • box of tissues

World Language Department

  • binder (1 inch)
  • 8 dividers
  • one subject notebook
  • index cards
  • to keep in your pencil pouch
    • pens/pencils
    • one dry erase marker
    • earbuds
    • colored pencils or markers
  • one box of tissues

Optional  Team Supplies

  • Reusable water bottle to be used during the day (no glass please)
  • Hand held pencil sharpener
  • Wireless mouse to use with Chromebook
  • Personal hand sanitizer to be kept in locker
  • Chromebook carrying case/cover
Students will carry their supplies to their individual classes throughout the day, including their Chromebooks, and keep the rest of their supplies in their lockers. Please keep the Chromebook charger at home and get into the habit of charging it at the end of EVERY DAY. We hope this list will make your school shopping easier.  Please email us with any questions. 

Mohawk 7B 

Dear Parents, 

We are looking forward to working with your child this year. As part of the Mohawk team, we are hoping that your child will find this school year successful, challenging, and enjoyable. As the end of August approaches and those “Back to School” ads appear, we would like to suggest the following items listed below.


Jamie Mullins (Social Studies)
Joseph Winchester (Science)
Heather Tagliaferro (Language Arts)
Lauren Fox (LA/SS Co-Teacher)
Dan Rausch (Math/Sci Co-Teacher)


  • Tissue Box (1)

All Core Classes

  • Earbuds/Headphones
    • These will need to be replaced during the year if they are lost or broken
    • Will be used for other classes as well, like Technology, Music, FACS and World Language
    • Your student needs to EASILY have these EVERY DAY for MOST classes.
    • We suggest no airpods or bluetooth, but getting a regular plug in pair to keep in a ziplock bag that they can take out for EACH class.
  • Blue or Black Pens
  • #2 Pencils
  • Colored Pencils (1 pack)
  • Highlighters (1 pack)
  • Homework Folder


  • 3-ring binder, 2 inch
  • Tab dividers (pack of 5)
  • TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator

General Music

  • Pocket folder
  • 10-15 pages of loose-leaf paper
  • Pencil (not pen)
  • Box of tissues (optional)

Physical Education

  • Lock for PE lockers


  • Pocket folder
  • Composition notebook


  • 2 pencils, 1 pen
  • 15 loose leaf sheets of paper
  • Box of tissues (1)

Family and Consumer Science

  • Pencil


  • Pencil
  • Box of tissues

World Languages and Cultures

  • Binder
  • 8 dividers
  • 1-subject notebook
  • Index cards
  • Tissues
  • In your pencil pouch,
    • Pens/pencils
    • 1 dry erase marker
    • Colored pencils or markers

Mohawk 7B Team Letter and Supply List

Mohawk 8 

Listed below are the supplies needed for Mohawk 8 for the 2023-2024 school year. We thought very carefully about these supplies and tried to limit the financial burden on families. If any of these items are cost-prohibitive for your family, please reach out to us so we can find a solution!

Team Supplies

  • (2) boxes of tissues for homeroom
  • (1) set of earbuds or headphones
  • (1) Chromebook and charger← MOST IMPORTANT THING!
  • (1) Loose leaf paper
  • (1) Take home folder (Recommend plastic to last the school year)
  • Glue Sticks
  • Black or blue pens**
  • Pencils**
  • Markers**
  • Highlighters (pack of 4 with different colors)**
  • Cap erasers**
  • It is recommended that a student have a way to record their assignments (agenda is preferred)

**To be replenished throughout the school year.
***Please note many of these supplies can be shared throughout all classes.

Math Supplies

  • (1) Folder (any color) for keeping track of notes and papers
  • Calculator: Math 8: same one as 7th-grade (TI-30X); Algebra I: (TI- 84+)
  • Ruler
  • (1) 2-2 ½ inch binder to hold papers that are collected during the year but not needed on a daily basis (recommended but not necessary)

Science Supplies

  • (1-24 pack) Colored pencils (twistable)
  • (1) 2 inch binder with side pockets

Social Studies Supplies

  • (1) Black and white marble composition notebook
  • (2) Pocket folders
  • Junior Scholastic Subscription ($10.00)

ELA Supplies

  • (1) Black and white marble composition notebook
  • (1) 24-pack colored pencils (same as science, ok)
  • (1) pocket folder
  • 3×3 inch sticky notes (any color/amount)

Music Department

  • 6, 7 & 8 grade general music
  • pocket folder with 20 sheets of loose-leaf paper
  • 2 pencils (not pen)
  • box of tissues (optional)

Supplies will stay in the music classroom throughout the semester.

PE Department: Grades 6-8

  • Combo Lock for PE lockers

Health Department: Grades 6-8

  • earbuds/headphones (can be shared with another class)

Technology Department: All Grades 

  • Headphones to be used in the computer lab
  • 10 pencils, 5 pens, eraser
  • 1 two-pocket plastic folder
  • 1 Box of tissues or baby wipes (dust)

FACS: Grades 6-8

  • earbuds/headphones (can be shared with another class)
  • Pencil

Art: Grades 6-8

  • Pencil
  • Box of tissues

WLC Department: Grades 6-8

Students taking French, German, Italian or Spanish should have the following materials for their World Language class in September

  • Binder (1 inch)
  • 1 package of dividers (8 ct)
  • Index cards
  • In your pencil pouch (to bring to class)
    • Pens/pencils
    • 1 dry erase marker
    • Earbuds
    • Colored pencils or markers
    • 1 box of tissues

Mohawk 8 Supply List

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