Science Curriculum – Grade 2

How Do We Stop Soil From Washing Away?

In this unit of study, students will explore and collect evidence on the fast and slow ways water and wind can change the shape of the land. Students will use a stream table as a model to compare multiple solutions designed to prevent water from changing the shape of the land. The final science challenge asks students to apply the evidence gathered in previous lessons to a scenario-based engineering design challenge.

Balance and Weighing

In this unit of study, students explore balance and discover that it is affected by three variables:  

  • the mass of an object
  • the length of the lever arm
  • the position of the fulcrum.

Students practice measuring mass, making comparisons, and recording data throughout this unit. They represent their data visually in a number of different ways; including line plots, data tables, and bar graphs.

Forces and Motion (Information Writing)

For this integrated (Science/Writing) Unit of Study, students will write about a shared science topic. In the opening of this unit, children will conduct an entire forces-and-motion experiment, jotting and sketching as they do so, and then write a four-page lab report—their hypotheses on one page, procedures on another, results on a third, conclusions on a fourth. Students will then reflect on and improve this writing. Teachers will remind students that scientists participate in scientific conversations and that they too need to join the scientific community of their school by communicating clearly all they have learned via their writing. Students will also explore mentor texts so that students can revisit and improve lab reports already in progress. By the end of this unit students will be able to design and conduct an experiment independently, writing lab reports as they progress through the work. They’ll learn to write with domain-specific vocabulary and to elaborate as they write new lab reports and revise previously written ones.

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