Science Curriculum – Grade 3

How Do Weather and Climate Affect Our Lives?

In this unit of study, students learn why and how scientists measure weather using a variety of tools. Students explore climates around the world and compare them to their school’s location. Students identify problems caused by hazardous weather and use evidence to identify the type of weather that caused each problem. Students design and build a roof to protect from one type of hazardous weather. In the final science challenge, students analyze and interpret patterns in climate data to recommend the best time and location for a kids’ soccer tournament.

How Can We Predict Patterns of Motion?

In this unit of study, students explore how objects can exert forces on other objects, and predict an object’s future motion based on observations of patterns of motion. They practice forming scientific questions and carry out investigations to explain what happens in various scenarios. Students identify problems and how criteria and constraints are important factors when designing solutions. In the end of the unit, students face a science challenge while working in groups to ask a scientific question, plan and carry out an investigation, and use their data to predict the pattern of motion of a model swing that interacts with magnets.

Life Cycle of Butterflies

In this unit of study, students are introduced to the concept of life cycles by using the Painted Lady butterfly. The students will learn observational and recording skills and add to their scientific vocabulary. They will relate this information to other living organisms.

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