Science Curriculum – Grade 4

In grade 4, students review K-3 concepts in preparation for the cumulative NYS performance and written science assessments.

What Is Our Evidence That We Live on a Changing Earth?

In this unit of study, students identify, analyze, and communicate evidence that we live on a changing planet. Students analyze global maps to find patterns in the locations of Earth features and in the occurrence of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Students investigate additional Earth processes that affect the landscape: weathering and erosion. They use models of mountains to test the effects of rainfall, vegetation, earthquakes, wind, and glaciers on landforms. Students consider what clues can be found in rock layers to serve as evidence of past landscapes. In the final science challenge, students apply what they have learned to create a museum exhibit explaining that a variety of forms of evidence tells us that we live on a changing Earth.

Electric Circuits

In this unit of study, students investigate electricity by wiring a circuit to light a bulb and learn that a circuit must form a complete circle through which electric current can pass in order to light the bulb. They explore other electrical concepts, such as what conductors and insulators are and how they work. Students also learn about the symbolic language of electricity and use it to read and draw diagrams for wiring circuits and constructing a flashlight.

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