Science Curriculum – Kindergarten

Exploring Forces and Motion

In this unit of study, students discover that the motion of an object is the result of forces—pushes and pulls. They will find that they can make an object move, slow, and stop by exerting forces. Students investigate the effect of applying forces in different directions and of different strengths on the speed and direction of the motion of moving objects. Students will come to understand the part that forces play in their daily lives.

Exploring My Weather

In this unit of study, students discover that different objects have different temperatures. Investigations on precipitation, wind, and clouds introduce students to different types of weather conditions. Students also explore ways of measuring rainfall, wind velocity, and cloud cover by using their senses and measurement tools; such as thermometers, and rain and wind gauges. Students begin predicting weather from observations. Students begin to understand the importance of weather forecasting and planning for weather conditions and severe weather events. 


In this unit of study, students will expand their awareness of their natural environment through the study of trees throughout the seasons.  Students will observe day-to-day changes in trees over the year, as well as the impact weather has on living things.

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