Track your child’s bus route with the Versatrans My Stop app

Download in the App store (for iPhones) and Google Play (for Androids) August 2017—Last summer, the district equipped its entire fleet, 113 buses, with live GPS technology. The new GPS system, Tyler Telematic GPS, allows the district to view the current location of any bus in real-time. This is a tremendous advantage in the event a bus is delayed, suffers a breakdown, or is in an accident. The system will also be able to provide important information that can be used to improve driver training and bus maintenance.

Cost-saving and efficient

Live GPS enables the district to plan the most efficient routes, resulting in fuel savings and reduced engine wear and tear.

Better maintenance

With the GPS tracking, alerts are sent whenever a mechanical issue arises, from a low battery voltage to a change in oil pressure. These alerts give district mechanics the opportunity to enhance preventative maintenance and avoid untimely and costly breakdowns and repairs.

Track your child’s bus route

Download in the App Store (for iPhones) and Google Play (for Androids) Another benefit of the live GPS system includes an app that will allow parents and guardians to track their child’s bus route. Parents will be able to log into a secure database to view the location and estimated time-of-arrival (ETA) of their child’s bus. This will help families plan around school bus stop times and stay informed when a bus may be running late due to traffic, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances. *PLEASE NOTE: The My Stop app CANNOT guarantee a split-second update on bus location, but can provide an accurate time as to when the bus is expected to arrive. There are a number of factors that affect the GPS updates, for example, each user’s device refreshes at a different rate, depending on the device, network connectivity and speed. Please do not rely on the My Stop app for up-to-the second accuracy.

The free app is available for iPhone or Android mobile devices. Once installed the user ID is set to your student’s ID number, with the password being their date of birth (ex. 09062017).

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