Update your child’s information for the 2018-19 school year

Student Contact and Medical Information Verification

Each year the Guilderland Central School District requests parents update their most current and accurate contact information, as well as critical medical information pertaining to their child(ren).  Such information is extremely important for district officials and employees who are committed to providing a safe and responsive school environment for all students.  Our ability to appropriately respond to student medical concerns and to maintain timely communications with parents is dependent on this verification process.

In past years, the district sent home hard copies of student health cards for verification and completion by parents.  For the 2018-19 school year, we ask that parents make full use of our secure online systems for this verification process.  Parents of middle school and high school students are likely to already be familiar with the SchoolTool Parent and Student Portal.

Parents of elementary students, or those new to the district, may be accessing the SchoolTool Parent and Student Portal for the first time and will likely need to create their SchoolTool account before verifying information.  (Need help? Here’s an introductory parent guide to accessing and using SchoolTool)

This transition to online verification of your child’s records and information will, over the long term, be significantly less costly for the district and is reflective of the community’s commitment to reduce paper consumption and become more efficient and environmentally conscious.

Again, we must stress how critically important it is for parents to provide school and district officials with current and accurate contact and medical information.  If, for any reason, you are not able to complete this online verification process, please take the time to seek assistance by contacting Kim Ten Eyck in the District Office at (518) 456-6200, ext. 3123.

Directions to complete the online verification of student contact and medical information

The following verification process must be completed for each child. Please note there are two sets of directions: (1) If you are accessing an existing SchoolTool account and (2) if you need to create a new SchoolTool account. 

  • Access an Existing SchoolTool Parent & Student Portal

Visit the Guilderland SchoolTool Parent & Student Portal site or access the SchoolTool link from the district homepage (scroll down past the photo carousel and SchoolTool is the fourth option under Quick Links.)

Log in to your secure portal account using your unique USERNAME and PASSWORD (created previously).  If you are a new user, please follow the directions shown below.

Look for and click on the small blue arrow to the left of your child’s name.
You will then see the personal information that we have on file for your child.
Please verify contact information displayed for your child.If there are medical alerts on file for your child you will see the medical alert icon.  Please hover your cursor over the medical alert icon to view and verify medical information on file at this time.

Complete the Student Contact and Medical Information Update Form

Please complete and submit the Student Contact and Medical Information Update Form (linked above).  Please note: your submission of this form will serve as both verification of your review of your child’s contact and medical information, as well as the secure tool by which the district will receive updated information from you.  All submitted information will remain secure and confidential. All received revisions or updates to medical information will be verified by your child’s school nurse.

  • Create a New SchoolTool Parent & Student Portal Account

  1. If you are new to the district, please visit the Guilderland SchoolTool Parent & Student Portal site or access the SchoolTool link from the district homepage. Use our introductory guide for creation of an account and use of the SchoolTool Parent & Student Portal.  Please be advised that you must have an active email account to complete this process.Read carefully the directions to “First log into the SchoolTool Parent & Student Portal.” Carefully follow all directions for creation of your account.You will be directed to contact Kim TenEyck at the District Office who will create your account.
  2. Once your account has been created, please complete the student contact and medical information update form. 


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