Young Artists of the Month, May

Each month, the art teachers from Altamont Elementary, Guilderland Elementary, Lynnwood Elementary and Westmere Elementary highlight students who have demonstrated they are practicing Studio Habits of Mind. These eight habits – develop craft, engage and persist, envision, express, observe, reflect, stretch and explore, and understand art worlds – encourage and enable students to be more mindful during the creative process. This is not a contest; the Young Artist of the Month accomplishment acknowledges specific learning and critical thinking that happens in the art room, in relation to Studio Habits of Mind. The students’ pictures and statements are framed and hung in the schools’ entryways.

Altamont Elementary: GiGi Grover

Student holding the artwork she created and smiling.
GiGi Grover, Altamont Elementary School

Altamont Elementary is excited to announce GiGi Grover in Mrs. Stalteri’s kindergarten class as the Young Artist for the month of May! GiGi has been chosen for her outstanding demonstration of the studio habit, “stretch and explore,” which is about trying new things, playing around without a strict plan, and being okay with making mistakes. It’s about going beyond what a student believes they can do, having fun and learning from accidents along the way. GiGi is always willing to try new things in the art room to see where her creativity can take her. Awesome job GiGi!

Guilderland Elementary: Alexander Muldoon

Student smiling as he holds a painting he created.
Alexander Muldoon, Guilderland Elementary School

The Guilderland Elementary Young Artist for the month of May is Alexander Muldoon. Alex is in Mrs. Commisso’s first grade class and has demonstrated the Artist Habit of Mind, “observe.” This means Alex looks closely at the world around him and applies those observations to his work. During the “Beach Party: Lighthouse Unit,” Alex was able to observe how the water and sky can show the time of day, the weather and even noticed clues in the environment that help the viewer understand where the lighthouse was located. He was then able to draw and paint his own ideas of climate, location and time of day, which he incorporated into his artwork. Observation of the world around us is a key part of being an artist. Great job Alex!

Lynnwood Elementary: Jack Countermine

Student smiling in front of a wall full of artwork.
Jack Countermine, Lynnwood Elementary School

The Young Artist for the month of May at Lynnwood Elementary is Jack Countermine. Jack is a fifth grade student in Mrs. Jones’s class. Jack embodies the Studio Habits of Mind, “reflection and persist.” For his printmaking project, Jack was faced with one of the hardest decisions an artist can face: do I continue with something I’m unhappy with to be finished or do I try again? After reflecting on his project, Jack decided to start over. He showed persistence by working hard both in and outside of class to start again, even taking time from his lunch and recess to make sure he was happy with his new image. Jack’s dedication to his project was admirable and Mrs. Gillis was so impressed with his commitment to creating something he was proud of! Congratulations Jack, keep up the awesome work!

Westmere Elementary: Dylan Murphy

Student smiling while holding the paper weave art project he created.
Dylan Murphy, Westmere Elementary School

This month’s featured young artist is Dylan Murphy! Dylan is a fifth grader in Ms. Hussey’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing class. He has demonstrated the Studio Habit of Mind, “engage and persist.” For this project, students learned about weaving. Artists weave with yarn, fabric or even wood to make things like blankets, scarves and baskets. Dylan used paper for this weaving. Notice how there’s a checkerboard pattern? That’s because Dylan persisted throughout this project to create a piece of art he could be proud of. Wonderful weaving, Dylan!

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