2019-20 LES Parent Handbook


Please be advised that we have a safety program that involves telephoning parents at their home or place of work to validate an absentee if we have not been informed of the absence. Therefore, please telephone 355-7930, the morning of your child’s absence between 7:30-9:00 AM to report that your child will not be attending school. A note to the teacher explaining the reason for an absence is also required when a student returns to school.


Quality instructional time is our priority. Education Law Section 3205 requires that students attend school every day unless excused. We strongly believe that children learn best in the educational setting. While children sometimes must miss school for a variety of excused reasons, (i.e. illness, bereavement, religious observance), a growing number of children are missing school for unexcused reasons (i.e. vacations).

It is not possible for teachers to prepare work in advance to make-up for such an absence. The instructional experience children miss during an unexcused absence often cannot be made up upon their return. Teachers, at their discretion, may suggest alternate assignments in relation to the duration and nature of the absence (i.e. journal writing/travel logs, practice math facts).

Obviously, we discourage unexcused absences. Our goal is to provide the best possible instructional opportunities for all children, as they work to attain higher standards.

Thank you for your cooperation in taking family vacations during school vacations, and in making school attendance a priority.


Lynnwood Elementary School is a safe, positive place to learn because students and their parents are committed to following the Lynnwood Way:

  • Act respectfully and responsibly.
  • Be ready to learn.
  • Care about yourself and others.

Bus Transportation

Students are strongly encouraged to make riding their assigned school bus to and from school part of their daily routine. Kindergarten students sit up front and our Peaceful School Bus Program promotes a sense of safety and family on our buses. Students who are driven by parents often arrive late and are signed out early, resulting in a significant loss of instructional time.

Requests to ride a different bus on any given day require a written note with specific information. This note must be give to your child’s teacher at the beginning of the school day. When notes lack critical information, we run the risk of children ending up in the wrong place. As you write a bus note, please provide the following specific information:

  • Your child’s first and last name
  • Your first and last name
  • The bus route # and stop (or address)
  • The first and last name of the resident at the final destination
  • Your child’s teacher’s name

All bus notes must go through this process. BUS NOTES MAY NOT BE GIVEN DIRECTLY TO THE DRIVER.


In order to enhance the learning process, all students are expected to dress in clothes that do not cause disruption to the orderly management of a school environment conducive to learning. Students are required to wear rubber-soled sneakers to physical education classes (no heels or cleats). Shoes with wheels in the heel are not allowed at any time. For safety reasons, students using the playground must wear sneakers.

Emergency Contact Information

  • We know you fill out and return many forms at the beginning of the year, and we appreciate your prompt response. Please remember to notify us of any change in emergency, home or work numbers throughout the year. It is critical that we have accurate information in order to reach you quickly in the event of an emergency.

  • You can access emergency school closing/delay information from the Guilderland website at www.guilderlandschools.org.

School Social Worker

We have a full-time social worker, Ms. Catherine Ricchetti. The purpose of a school social work program at this level is to provide support to children, and to parents, in order for students to reach their full potential.

Banana Splits (for children whose families have experienced or are experiencing separation or divorce) and a variety of group support sessions. (i.e. friendship, anger management) will also be offered. Please feel free to contact Ms. Ricchetti at 518-355-7930, ext. 3507 or email her at ricchettic@guilderlandschools.net.

Lunch Guests

The Lynnwood cafeteria is a place to learn and practice socialization skills as well as skills for eating in public.

  • Parent lunchroom guests are welcome to sign-in with at the Main Office and join their children for lunch, beginning in October. (This provides time for students to acclimate and learn lunchroom expectations and routines.) Guests are asked to limit their visits to no more than once per month. (Our cafeteria capacity is limited.)
  • Guests are asked to send in a note to the teacher the morning of your lunch visit, arranging to purchase school lunch (see district cafeteria menu) OR to bring a simple bagged lunch.
  • Please do not share food with or lend money to a child other than your own.

Birthday Snack Guidelines

The Lynnwood Community believes that we have a responsibility to promote a culture of health and wellness.

Birthday celebrations are contained in the classroom and teachers will share how birthdays are celebrated at the beginning of the school year.  Based on the needs of the students in the class teachers may elect to have food-free celebrations.

  • Full-scale birthday parties (cake, candles, helium balloons, flowers, ice cream, pizza, favors, and/or party bags) are for outside of the school setting. (Invitations to birthday parties outside school should be mailed, unless everyone in the class will be receiving one.)
  • Parents should contact the teacher about sending in a simple, healthy snack for the class in recognition of their child’s birthday, if they so desire.
  • The simple snack should be in individual servings, and easy to distribute.
  • The simple snack should be easily eaten, with minimal clean-up required.
  • Please provide napkins and plastic silverware if utensils are required.

To the extent that rewards are used, the school district encourages rewards such as healthy snacks, physical activity, and appropriate non-food rewards, and discourages the use of unhealthy sugary and high fat snacks particularly as daily token rewards.  (GCSD Wellness Policy)

Ideas for Healthy Snacks:

  • fruit cups
  • Jell-O cups
  • pudding cups
  • yogurt cups
  • applesauce cups Individually store prepared and
  • cheese and crackers packaged, with ingredients listed
  • string cheese on package
  • cereal bars
  • pretzels
  • raisins
  • bagel chips
  • apple slices
  • grapes

*Options may vary by classroom, based upon food allergies

Medication Policy

The following is the New York State and the school policy regarding medication during the school day:

  • The nurse must have a written request from the physician on file, which indicates the frequency and dosage of a prescribed medication.
  • The nurse must have a written request from the parent on file in order to administer the medication as specified by the physician.
  • The medication is to be delivered directly to the nurse by the parent. Under NO circumstance should the medication be delivered by the student.
  • The medication should be in a properly marked pharmacy container. The label should include: student’s full name, address, name and strength of medication, dosage, and frequency of medication.

Parking at Lynnwood

When visiting Lynnwood Elementary School and/or dropping off or picking up a student, please park in a lined parking spot in the lot in front of the school. Parking is never allowed in the fire lane along the entire front sidewalk. Emergency vehicles must be able to freely access our building at all times. PLEASE DO NOT PARK in the drop off lane.

School Hours

Lynnwood Elementary School hours are 7:45 AM to 1:50 PM. We expect children to arrive at school on time and remain until dismissal. Late students (arriving after 8:00 AM) are directed to stop at the Main Office to sign in and take a late slip before going to the classroom. Parents will be asked to indicate the reason for being late on the sign-in log. PLEASE, do not drop off any children at Lynnwood School. All students must be signed in by a parent or other responsible adult after 8:00 AM.

There is no supervision of the school grounds after 8:00 AM. Parents signing student in after 8:00 AM are requested to part with their child in the Main Office. School faculty/staff are available to escort children to their classrooms if needed.

School Lunch Prices

Breakfast $ 1.95

Lunch $ 2.80 | $28.00 for 10 pre-paid lunches

Additional information on pre-paying by credit card: WWW.SCHOOLCAFE.COM

Signing Out Your Child Before 1:55 p.m.

To pick up your child during the school day, please send a note to the classroom teacher to let him/her know when you will be arriving. Sign your child out at the Main Office on the Dismissal Clipboard. The office staff will contact the classroom and have the child come to the Main Office. Please be prepared with a picture ID as we try to know our parents, but are not familiar with all adults picking up children.

Signing Out Your Child at Dismissal – 1:55 p.m.

Unless we receive written instruction from a parent, all students will be sent home/to their daycare location on the school bus.

Pick-Up with A Note

1. If your child is being picked up at dismissal, please send a note to the classroom teacher indicating who will be picking up the student.

2. Parents/Guardians will sign the child out in the Main Office and wait for their child in the Office Entranceway.

Pick-Up Without A Note

  1. If you decide to pick your child up at dismissal – 1:55 PM without a note, you will need to visit the Main Office PRIOR to 1:55 PM to request your child be notified that they are being picked up.
  2. Without a note, your child will be put on the bus if you are delayed, in spite of verbal instructions to the student. To minimize confusion at dismissal time, we strongly urge that you send written instructions.
  3.  If you find it necessary to telephone dismissal instructions, please understand the difficulties we encounter in identifying the caller. We request that you give instructions by phone only when you have no other alternative, or in an emergency situation.



  • Visitors will sign-in on our Visitor’s Clipboard and will be given a visitor badge/sticker.  This step, though inconvenient, is in no way intended to limit your visits or active involvement. This procedure has been instituted to ensure that we know who is in the building during the school day.
  • When visiting school, please do not park in the fire lanes in the front of school. This area MUST be kept open at all times in case of an emergency.
  • Please drop off sneakers, forgotten lunches, musical instruments, notes, homework, etc. to the secretaries in the Main Office.  
  • Classrooms will NOT be interrupted during instructional time.

Use of Personal Electronic Devices

The school understands the value of student’s ability to gain information through electronic devices.  We see the use of technology as an effective and essential means to support student access to the elementary curriculum.  Therefore, students have adequate access to electronic devices during the school day that are provided by the school district.  These devices include, but are not limited to, iPads, laptops and desktop computers throughout the school.

We understand that many students have personal electronic devices that include computers, e-book readers, cell phones, handheld games, etc.  The use of these devices is discouraged at school and it is recommended that they are not brought to school.  This avoids distractions during the school day and prevents inappropriate use of the devices in the school environment.  Use of these devices is also discouraged on the bus, unless they are a part of a plan that has been approved by the building principal.  Students who have the use of personal electronic devices as part of an Individualized Education Plan will be permitted to use the device in accordance with the plan.

The school recognizes some of our families have situations that require students to transport cell phones to and from school for the purpose of communication.  All communication with students during the school day should be done through the main office.  If a family elects to send a cell phone to school, it should remain in the student’s backpack throughout the school day and on the bus.  The school will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the phone. Families who choose to send in a phone with their child will be doing so at their own risk.  Should a student violate the school policy regarding cell phone use, or should the code of conduct be violated, the cell phone may be taken away from the student and will be held in the main office until it is picked up by a parent.  Should the principal determine that the use of the cell phone has created a disruption to the educational environment; a student may have the privilege of having the cell phone at school revoked.  Parents who elect to send in a cell phone are encouraged to speak with their child about proper use and good digital citizenship.  Adopted by Building cabinet on: 1/19/17.

Policy on School Volunteers

The Board of Education recognizes that the use of volunteers strengthens school/community relations through positive participation, builds an understanding of school programs among interested citizens, and can assist employees and benefit students by providing more individualized and enriched opportunities in instruction. Volunteers are defined as individuals who provide assistance in the school setting. The definition does not include visitors who come to the school setting to observe activities and who are covered under Board Policy 5300.65. The Board encourages volunteers from all backgrounds and age groups who are willing to share their time, training, experience or personal characteristics to benefit the students of the district. Read the School Volunteers Policy 4532 here.

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Current Staff Listing

Alicia Rizzo, Principal

Joanne Gariepy, Secretary

Laura Rutkowski, Nurse

Shelby Samuel, Psychologist

Britton Shnurr, Psychologist

Catherine Ricchetti, Social Worker


Madleine Lenox

Lisa O’Brien

Kerry Tymeson

BriAnna Williams

First Grade

Heather Brady

Jessica LaPointe

Caroline McGuire

Angelica Stone

Jessica Vennard

Second Grade

Jennifer Armlin

Joan Krege

Joleen Hanlon

Christine White

Third Grade

Robert Adams

Christine Groat

Joe Sorriento

Fourth Grade

Marissa Muller

Kristen Janssen

Kate Panza

Alison Putman

Fifth Grade

Joann Romano

Tim Fry

Lindsey Lewis

Steve Freeman

Jackie Vandenburgh, Math Specialist

Kiersten Beckford, Social Development

Ronni Liegot, Math Specialist

Shannon Woodley, Band

Jeff Herchenroder, Orchestra

Michelle Janston, Music

Marie VanMaastrict, Music

Jeremy Barss, PE

Mike Schaffer, PE

Krista Gillis, Art

Katie Barker, Primary Literature

Kathy State, Primary Literature Coach

Blair Place, Reading

Colleen Winchell, Reading

Nell Ball, Intermediate Literacy Coach

Virginia Harford, Reading Recovery

Heather Amarante, Learning Workshop

Terri Keller, Learning Workshop

Andrea Bollentin, Learning Workshop

Lisa Corrado, Learning Workshop

Kelly Vrooman, PT

Michelle Kiernozek, OT

Carol Wheelock, OT

Julia Healy, Library

Penny Wheeler, Custodian

Nancy Armstrong, TA (O’Brien & Stone)

Paige Griggs, TA (Learning Workshop)

Mim Dvorscak, TA (Fry/Freeman)

Kathy Mcgreal, TA (Tymeson)

Joan Clauson, TA (Sorriento)

Pam Hosgood, TA (Tymeson, Stone)

Meaghan Flynn, TA Social Development

Elizabeth Breslin, TA (McGuire)

Lindsey Cooper, TA Social Development

Sarah Walcott, TA (Lenox, Brady)

Jessica Slawson, TA (Williams, Beckford)



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