About Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Guilderland Schools

All school community members deserve to be seen, safe and welcome. 

At the Guilderland Central School District, our mission is to inspire all students to be active life-long learners to achieve their highest potential in a demanding and ever-changing global community. Our responsibility is to ensure ALL of our students, families and employees are heard, seen, safe, valued, respected and welcome in our school community. 

What do we mean by diversity, equity and inclusion?

Diversity — Be open.

Diversity is being open to what makes each of us unique by bringing those different identities and perspectives to our school community.

This includes:

  • Identifying those who have not been adequately considered because of race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, appearance, age, ability, educational level, learning style and other characteristics; and
  • Inviting everyone to fully participate in all aspects of school life.*

Equity — Be fair.

Equity is different from equality. Equality is giving everyone the same things. Equity is being fair to each and every person by considering their specific needs and making sure each individual has what they need to achieve their own goals.

This includes providing access, opportunity and advancement for all by striving to identify and eliminate barriers that prevent the full participation of individuals from all groups.*

Inclusion — Build together.

Inclusion is building together by using the interests and views of all our students, families and employees to make decisions that uncover and repair historical inequities and set all students up for success.

This includes authentically bringing traditionally excluded individuals and groups into collaborative, co-creative processes, activities and decision/policymaking in ways that share power and ensure equal access to opportunities and resources.*

* Based on the University of California, Berkeley Center for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity and the University of Houston’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion definitions in The NYS Board of Regents Framework on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in New York’s Schools: A Call to Action

What are we doing about diversity, equity and inclusion?

The district is continuously looking for ways to acknowledge challenges, identify needed changes and find new ways to foster a safe, diverse school environment where all are heard, seen, safe, valued, respected and welcome.

Here are some steps we are taking now:

  • Providing and prioritizing ongoing professional development focused on diversity, equity and inclusion for district employees
  • Examining and adjusting our recruitment and hiring practices to hire more diverse candidates 
  • Encouraging faculty to foster a learning environment of kindness, curiosity, critical thinking and respect for different perspectives 
  • Establishing a long-standing Board of Education Equity and Diversity Committee
  • Supporting the Guilderland High School Anti-Racism Committee
  • Creating a section on the district website that highlights and reports the work of the district for community stakeholders to see and support what’s happening

How can I help?

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