Selection Process

When a small group pull-out class is to be offered, classroom teachers at the selected grade level are asked to choose students for the course based on criteria communicated by the enrichment teacher.

The criteria may include aptitude in certain areas, inquisitiveness, interest in the subject matter etc. In addition to aptitude, essential elements to being successful in enrichment classes include task commitment, interest, and motivation. Testing is not used to identify students for pull-out classes.

The classroom teacher must also consider whether the student can easily learn material that may be covered in the classroom while the student is at an enrichment class.

Prior to the first group meeting of an enrichment class, the teacher sends home a letter to parents which describes the program and denotes the dates and times it meets. Parents are encouraged to call the enrichment teacher with any questions they may have. Additionally, for students who attend an after-school enrichment class, parents are sent a note to sign and return to give permission for their child to stay after-school.

It is important to note that the enrichment program at Guilderland is not only for “really smart” or “highly gifted” students. While it is true that the enrichment program in our district is designed to provide additional instruction and study for students of high ability, it is also important to us that any child who has the potential to benefit from enrichment be given the opportunity. Many enrichment activities take place in the regular classrooms, and are intended to reach all students. Pull-out classes and after-school classes are often made up of students with high ability, but any student who demonstrates interest, ability and motivation for a particular area of study may be selected as well.

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