Elementary level

Go Math! by Houghton Mifflin Hardcourt Publishing Company is specifically written to support the Common Core State Standards. The critical areas and mathematical practices outline in the New York state curriculum are integrated into Go Math! chapters. Student tools allow children to engage in context-based mathematical situations that build to more abstract problem solving. Students use models, manipulatives, quick pictures and symbols to build deeper mathematical understandings. Instructional methods focus on the use of literature and technology as well as encourage students to talk and write about math. Teacher training is provided on an ongoing basis. Grades 3-5 are tested annually by NYS Math tests.

Middle School level

Each year students in grades 6, 7 & 8 are tested on the New York State Mathematics curriculum. The Middle School program, Applications and Connections, stresses total student involvement in problem solving situations. The students are instructed in all content and process strands in the New York State core curriculum. Problem solving and developing strategies for checking reasonableness of results are important emphases. Demanding higher order thinking skills continues to be the focus of the mathematics program. Some students are able to begin an accelerated program which allows them to start a high school level mathematics course (Integrated Algebra) in grade 8. Academic Intervention Services are also available to students with academic needs in math as well as a summer remedial program. A math and science enrichment program has recently been added to expose students to real world applications via problem-based investigations and independent study.

High School level

The primary goal of the mathematics department at the high school level is to promote increased student participation, confidence, and success in the study of mathematics. The Mathematics Department offers a wide variety of courses that prepare students for either future study or careers.

All students must complete at least three years of mathematics and pass one Regents examination. Students may complete as many as six courses with approximately eighty percent completing at least four. Many of our seniors take AP Calculus, AP Computer Science or PreCalculus for which they may earn college credit or advanced standing.

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