4772-E-Graduation Ceremonies-Exhibit

(To be provided to classified students who have completed 4 years of High School)

Participation in Graduation Ceremony for Students with Disabilities

The Guilderland Central School District permits a student with a disability who receives special education and related services through an Individualized Education Program (IEP) under state and federal laws to participate in the high school graduation ceremony and all related activities with their designated high school graduating class, provided that student is eligible to receive a skills and achievement commencement credential (SACC) or a career development and occupational studies credential (CDOS), even if they have not yet completed the required course of study to earn a local or regents high school diploma. A student’s designated high school graduating class is the class of twelfth grade (12th) students with which the student began ninth (9th) grade.

Notification Deadline:

Timely notice is required to permit the student to receive all notices, information and to participate in events and activities along with their designated graduating class. Participation in graduation ceremonies and activities with your designated high school class is optional. Students with disabilities and/or their parents must provide notice of their preference or intent regarding participation on or by January 31st of the year that the ceremony will be held. Notice must be in writing and should be submitted to the Director of Pupil Personnel Services or his/her designee. If no notice is provided, the District will not plan for the student’s inclusion in the graduation ceremony and events. If you have a question regarding your student’s eligibility to qualify to participate in graduation ceremonies with their designated class, please contact the Committee on Special Education Chairperson for assistance.

Right to Continue Until Age 21 or Receipt of Local or Regents Diploma

A student with a disability participation in graduation ceremony and events and their receipt of a SACC or a CDOS credential does not automatically limit or preclude the student’s right to continue their education and to receive special education, related services or transition services pursuant to their IEP. Such students remain eligible to receive special education and related services until the student completes the school year in which they turn 21; the student is awarded a local or regents high school diploma (whichever comes first) provided the student continues to meet all other eligibility criteria related to residency and disability; or the student otherwise exits school as permitted by law.

Please refer to District Policy # 4772 for further information.

Reviewed: May 1, 2018

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